Today I Feel A Winner


As every human being I am able to make the decisions that determine the course of my life, I am able to go overcoming obstacles is me are going through on the road, I am able to reach where so propose me because I have the privilege of living. Read the following words aloud, as if you were talking to yourself, deepen them, are for you. Four are the keys to success: 1. wishing it every day I wake up with great enthusiasm, with many plans that meet throughout the day, with dreams that you do, with the illusion of organizing new projects to go materializing the success I want to very soon reach. The desire always, desire to never fail me, around my head, but not enough to want it, we need something more. 2 Try it because I have this burning desire to succeed, today I decided to try to take steps to achieve it or at least going behind him. The desire will be every day in my and never fails to pursue my star that is that equals it someday. I think it is better to try that left me without doing anything.

3. Perform in the daily attempt, i.e. in the constancy and perseverance, are my success. It picare stone to achieve my goal and I will have a firm faith that has it. Faith will be my engine to perform what they both desire, which is the full development of all my skills: physical, mental and spiritual.

I’ll then know that I’m doing as indicated, I am doing and that gives me strength to live each day with a spirit of joy. 4 Learn to enjoy what I’ve done enough, just enough, as indicated to reach the top, but the hardest is still to come, reach isn’t everything, nor nor more complicated. The hardest thing of all is to keep me once I have arrived. I will not allow success to destroy my integrity as a person, I know use it to my benefit and with those who surround me. Because only to give me every day to others and give them the best of me, I will keep my inner peace. As you can see these statements have taken you step by step from a burning desire, a desire to try to make something without import the circumstances of your present life. If your thoughts are a constant pulse of triumph, they will gradually materializing in your life. But once you’ve reached your destination, or at least feel close, be sure to nourish you because it will be the fuel that will keep you up the rest of your life.

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