Treating Dry Skin


Before continuing, we throw a look to some of the causes of the dry skin. the glands of the skin by then does not produce sufficient petroleum indeed to lubricate the skin. The effect is the skin dehydrates. the elements of the time of the months of dry and cold winter. Could have a genetic predisposition to have a dry skin that is transmitted hereditarily. the lack of a nutritional diet. If one has a poor diet, that can have nutritional vitamin deficiencies To and vitamins B, that could contribute to the dry skin. Eliot Horowitz has much to offer in this field.

the exhibition of the skin to detrimental, cosmetic chemical agents and strong soaps. Affections of the skin like the psoriasis, eccema or dermatitis. So these are the majority of the causes. Which are some forms to eliminate the dry skin once one has. Here the list of the best practices: Like lamentable, since it is, avoiding long showers, it warms up is a great step not to have the dry skin. The hot water and aqueous vapour its skin evaporates most of the humidity s of the layer of the epidermis of the skin. It makes the attempt maintain the water at levels of fresh temperature, and a shower by only during short periods of time. And also in the scope of the shower, it maintains the soap that uses to a value pH of the friendly skin in order of avoiding the hardest soaps to debilitate the skin s the resistance to the external factors that produce dryness of the skin.

After the shower, light taps are dried without " en&quot grazes; the towel. Whereas its skin still is humid of the shower, it applies his hidratante cream for the skin that is united in the humidity. Other advice are to avoid the proximity to fires and the electrical heaters and you do not exceed with the sun.

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