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The remain consists of therapies to multidiscipline that they aim at the global development of the child. 3.5? Communication the communication is a process that serves so that it has information exchange and it can be carried through of diverse forms: verbal, gestual, writing; with one it has always supported, since to be understood it is necessary that emitting and receiving they are using the same code, According to Chiavenato (2000, P. 142), ‘ ‘ it is the exchange of information between individuals. It means to become common a message or informao’ ‘. The components of the communication process are: Sender (who wants to transmit the information), receiver (who receives the information), message (information), code (language), canal of transmission (used instrument pra to transmit the information), noise (interferences that can occur in the information process) and reinformao (The communication is divided in verbal, that it involves the written form and it is the register of comments, that can be thoughts, interrogations, information and feelings. E, the verbal form, more common, that if relates to the emission of words and sounds that we use it stops communicating in them, being able to be to give instructions, to interview or to inform. E, also, the not verbal communication, that involves the exchange of signals, gestures, mimic position and. As it says to Vilarinho for site ‘ ‘ brasilescola’ ‘ (2010): ‘ ‘ In contrast of the verbal one, it is not used of vocbulo, the words to communicate itself. The objective, in this in case that, it is not to display verbally what if it wants to say or what if it is thinking, but if to use of other communicative ways, as: plates, figures, gestures, objects, colors, that is, of the signs visuais.’ ‘ We understand that the communication represents great importance in the social relations, therefore is through it that the people interact e, since whom we are born we are trying communicating in them, since I cry even though of the baby states it some information on what it is feeling, being thus the importance of the communication is salient also in the process to take care of.

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