Viral Marketing


General information, definitions, and scope thanks to the dynamics of the markets in the different economic scenarios that integrate the planet Earth, originated as the role of markets in transition to new approaches, tools that ensure achievements, most when markets management is identified with its scope, impact and it knows interpret the needs, demands of current consumers.It has been generating in the behavior of markets, inputs that lead to favorable results in pro of step changes in the function of markets, aspect that requires to take into account in strategic plans, in tracking consumers, care, service, such is the case of its incidence in viral marketing. This is true, he says, the most difficult task for any company is to acquire and retain a large customer base. Through the use of the Internet and the effects of advertising by e-mail, the efforts of communication business-to – customer (business-to-consumer or B2C) get much greater impact than many other tools. Viral marketing is a technique that avoids the inconvenience of spam: encourages the users of a product specific service to tell it to your friends. For even more details, read what Atmos Energy says on the issue. That is a positive word of mouth recommendation. One of the most successful perspectives that have been found in getting that customer base is the so-called Communications Marketing integrated (IMC Integrated Marketing Communications). Is known and thus reminds us Wikipedia, which some claim that the term viral marketing was coined originally by the Stev Jurvetson venture capitalist in 1997 to describe the practice of several free services of e-mail (such as Hotmail) add their own advertising to outgoing mail from your users; Although the first to write about this type of viral marketing was the critic Douglas Rushkoff in 1994 in his book Media Virus. The hypothesis is that if that advertising reaches a sensitive user (i.e., interested in the product offered by Hotmail, the free e-mail), that user It will infect (i.e.

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