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Not have you had the opportunity to visit the Sistine Chapel? Well now there is no excuse, with a single click of the mouse any Internaut can be seen side by side and segment to segment one of the most famous works of art of all time, and is not the only thanks to the increasingly numerous virtual tours by its facilities museums incorporated into their websites, paintings, sculptures, archaeological objects and a myriad of works Arts located in the most important museums in the world can already be admired fence simply counting with a computer with Internet access. Of course that is not comparable to the impressions and sensations that usually produces a face-to-face visit to a Museum, but virtual tours around the most important museum rooms of the world are a good alternative to view works that otherwise might never visit. On the one hand, the on-line visitor saves money that would have to pay for access to the Museum, since all these visits are free access over the network, on the other hand, is avoid long lines that in many cases must wait and also can spend all the time you need to look at the favorite, unhurried works because the Museum close its doors. By the same author: MongoDB. On the other hand, virtual tours allow face-to-face visiting future plan ahead your travel, especially in those museums that its dimensions are impossible to admire in full in one day; in this way, previously knowing the works exhibited the person concerned can develop your own itinerary based on your preferences, leaving aside or to the end those works or pieces that are less interesting for him. Some of the most visited museums in the world that offer virtual tours or tours on line by its rooms, but we must not forget that this is one option that incorporates increasingly more often on the web pages of many national and international museums, therefore it is advisable, if you are interested in a museum or an exhibition concretesearch their website and check if this alternative is provided. .

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