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For vacancies occurring in the future, so prospective applicants should be pre-stored. But then, the question is whether the appropriate person at this time is still available and interested in employment. In addition to the high cost, the often deterrent of complicated candidate portals against such an approach speaks. “Exactly here is set alarm on and makes a small extra step the fill of vacancies with appropriate staff. The aspirants can register their pronounced interest in a company quickly and easily.

In return, the tool allows quick and easy contact with a manageable number of interested parties. The interested candidates simply enters his name and his email address for the corresponding field of activity, will be contacted, once to occupy a new vacancy is and can submit his application documents. This eliminates repeated visits to the company pages and the time-consuming search for a suitable place in the desired company. The company can thus quickly and flexibly, without costly external personnel procurement actions are started, respond to upcoming job requirements and draw on a pool of highly motivated and dedicated employees. Michael Mauler has compatible beliefs. Using the tool set alarm”is a short intermediate step within the established recruitment process, which helps to save time and money, as well as to streamline the work of the human resources department. Set alarm”merges the advantages of internal recruitment, motivation, the identification with the company, as well as the short-term capacity of vacancies, with the benefits of external recruitment, especially the wide range of potential new employees.

At the same time, their disadvantages, such as, for example, the high costs, are weakened. The HR can deal primarily with the really interested applicants and check their suitability before carried out large-scale job postings. So the job description, job posting and job ad can be through the stringent use of set alarm, superfluous. This small and simple tool helps improve efficiency. Simplifies the process of recruitment and their basic requirements, namely tailor-made and cost-effective to provide the company with suitable personnel are faster, easier and cheaper realized. The tool is successfully in use in different sectors and in different ways. Set alarm”can be included via the link on the homepage of the company or in the social networks, like Facebook, for example. The design of the tool is adjusted to the corporate design of the company and is thus no longer as foreign content for the visitor”visible. Ease of use allows the simple and direct Updating, maintenance and permanent use of the tools by the HR Department. This helps to keep the costs low and makes the tool points alarm”for small and medium-sized companies to a meaningful and cost-effective expansion. More information and a demonstration of the tool can be found in the Internet under:. The Agency: The Reutlingen agency Wagner Wagner devoted to the long-term brand development, brand management and brand management of its customers for years successfully. The 13-member team of communication and business managers, designers, computer scientists, media designers and advertising merchants accompanied the customers with individually developed approaches in the long-term implementation of communication strategies, advertising campaigns, packaging design or optimization of the website. Wagner Wagner here dares to leave familiar paths and feels like as a creative think tank. What does not exist, is being developed. Wagner Wagner prides itself on being one of the few agencies in Germany, whose work processes according to ISO 9001:2000 are certified. You will find all the information about Wagner Wagner on the Internet at. Contact: Neill Neill GmbH Markus Winkle Burkhardt + Weber-Strasse 57 72760 Reutlingen phone 07121 6969-270 fax 07121 6969-299 email

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