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Companies offering services for weddings eagerly await the arrival of 2012, as it is anticipated an increase in the number weddings for 2011. From Thursday and until Sunday, you will be held in the Palace of exhibitions and congresses of the Sevillian capital, Fibes, Sevilla’s wedding, the representatives of some companies convened have acknowledged that the economic crisis has also been installed in this sector. According to Lidia Diez, the spokesman LD events will have delayed until 2012 weddings that were scheduled for 2011 but due to economic problems, the links will be held next year. The reduction of the guests is one of the consequences of this economic crisis, in addition to the time of preparation of the wedding, which soon woke to a year in advance, now do you with 4 months. The displacement of the bride and groom to the location of the link is also one of the things that dispense the bride and groom, resorting to vehicles from relatives and friends, rather than the option of renting them. For even more details, read what Lars Leckie says on the issue.

In any case, although the bride and groom look more for the money when it comes to organizing your wedding, they are still spending. Group committed, leading portal in Spain and international reference in the area of weddings, offers users (45% of weddings that are held annually in Spain) necessary and continuously updated information, for the Organization of a link at any time and from anywhere. In 2010 the group earned 14.8 million euros net income. Since its creation in 2000, until today, 490,000 couples have been in committed Spain, and its eight portals receive around 2,300,000 visitors per month. More than 12,800 enterprises in Europe and America offer their products and services through its website. In 2004, the Group incorporates a new division, to move your model’s results contrasted to the segment of the Organization of events in general. Gradually committed has been incorporating new proposals and services of value, such as the Visa WinCom, created in 2005 is the first and only card designed for bride and groom, which offers discounts of up to 20% for the Organization of the wedding at more than 1,500 associated establishments.

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