Wood Wooden Dining Cards Now 20 Percent Of Cheaper


It is noble and testifies to the special care that places a House on the menu, if food or drinks in a beautifully designed frame will be presented. Spirits maps wine lists, menus, types of bark, pure whiskey-, specialty cards, provided with or without box, with or without matching words, with pictures with frame, simple or elaborately – many of our products deal with the presentation of food and beverages. It is noble and testifies to the special care that places a House on the menu, if food or drinks in a beautifully designed frame will be presented. The first thing the guest perceives, is usually the menu card. Therefore carefully this should be thought through. Because the choice of materials, the composition of colors and fonts, illustrations and decorative elements requires as much skill as the selection, compilation and the sideboards of the actual food. Cards from our production are all unique, just like your establishment a Is unique.

They were made with care, attention to detail and specifically according to your needs. For more information see Tony D. Bartel. Our offer includes cards, whose Innenseiten are equipped with paper-friendly films. Design the insides can be quite individually by you, because must insert only your finished prints in plastic covers. This offer is aimed mainly at commercial farms, but also individuals who require a special menu for a very special occasion like marriage, baptism, Jugendweihe, entering retirement or other occasions. You can make your personal card with us.

We are of course with help and advice. Special offer – 20% discount an individual design of menu map is always costly, because here a high proportion in manual work is done. You decide whether and which lettering adorns the front cover of the card, whether there are pictures and what they are. You can submit your own pictures, designs existing in our and Select lettering and active influence on the design of the cards. We translate your wishes into hand work. This is costly and time-consuming yet we can offer, cheaper some of the most elaborate designed articles from our range with pressure from our die 20%, because the beginning of the year has brought us a good purchase. This brings financial advantages, which we like to give to you. Our joy of want we share with you and last year thank you on this way for your customer loyalty. For whatever customers and clients that make it strong a good company. We are pleased also in 2011 on the cooperation with you – because many suggestions have come in the past by our clients and customers! Press Department Thomas Reichelt Lotex24 / Germany consumer telephone: 03562 / 69 34 30 fax: 03562 / 69 25 69 business to business customer:

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