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It is a question that sometimes make me.Is it really good for something? Is it really useful? And I always answered goals is customer, the coaching process is at least two people influenced normally the same, firstly depends greatly on the person, or rather the people involved in the process. In this case, although the responsibility of getting their. Logically preparation, desire to work, effort, etc. of both, depends on the final result. If the coach has the sufficient preparation and client (or coachee) really want to change, the chances of success are very high. Therefore, the previous question would have to answer that sometimes, and sometimes not. No we can therefore generalize in this case. What I can say is that one of the most common mistakes that I usually find in personal coaching processes is that the coach, recommends the use of a concrete solution or using a particular (as a Protocol) tool that ensures the success in any situation.

In these cases, what happens is that sometimes it works this tool, and other times not.But as what we have applied is a solution or technique that is used for everything, therefore aren’t capable of knowing that is what has been failing and how we could fix it. From my experience, what I do and what I recommend, instead of throwing us to apply an infallible technique to the first round, it is more useful to consider hypotheses about what might be the problem, which may be an appropriate solution and as it would work.And of course pass to verify this hypothesis. By doing this we will find that some times were right, and others do not. With the difference that now we can act and change in our prior approach and find new solutions as well. I believe that many people who have not been successful in his work as a coach, what has happened to them is that they were sometimes right in their approaches and sometimes not (obviously), but do not have activated that sense of checking, followed by for valid his stance, although not conform to reality. and I believe that all coaches, would be more effective if we did that exercising of verifying our ideas about what we believe that it could be happening, this is of course a mia hypothesis, to be consistent with what I recommend, I’m constantly checking.

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