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The diet of the Moon is a revolutionary method that allows you to lose weight up to 3 Kg in a day. The secret is in fasting 26 hours (liquids can only be taken) but always coinciding with the time of the change of moon phase.Different for each country according to time zone, by consulting the schedule for your country here. One of the factors that most influence on weight loss is the ability of our body to absorb water and this is closely linked to the force of attraction, demonstrated widely, that the Moon exerts on liquids, even more when the moon changes phase. In other words, this diet is based on the theory that the body fluids tend to follow the rhythms of the tides – as it is known, caused by the influence of the moon. The slimming effect not is determined only by the weekly fast day, but also because not eat in those hours power notably the detoxifying effects of fasting, by decisively increasing weight loss. They may lose 2 to 3 pounds during the day of fasting and it is not easy to recover them because this diet stimulates the Elimination of fluids even on successive days. It may be taken in the fasting only liquids, i.e. little sweet fruit juices, water boiling vegetables, smoothies of vegetables, fruits and water.

You can only eat fruit if it is in juice or liquefied, but never whole. Choose varieties that contain little sugar. If prepared sapote can put them well clean and leave the skin. In total, it must be taken 3 to 4 litres of fluid throughout the day. Milk, alcohol or soft drinks with or without gas should not be taken. Coffee and tea are allowed in small quantity, if you can, is better to abstain.

You must follow the schedule accurately and is essential to fast 26 hours from the time that begins the change of moon phase. That means that if the change of phase from July 27 at 4: 08 am. You don’t have to get up at that hour to eat, but that that day will take only liquids for breakfast up to wake up the next day, and we will finish the fast until July 28 at 5: 08 in the morning. But phase shift is on October 2 at 7: 49 in the morning, we have breakfast something solid before that time, then perform the fast and finish until 8: 49 on October 3. This diet can be as much as one likes, since in addition to slimming leave clean and luminous skin and helps combat acne. It is impossible to ensure that everyone who makes this diet adelgazara 2 to 3 kilos. Those who need to lose many kilos and have fluid retention will have more possibilities of success but in any case, you lose weight. Find out also about fillies curiosities that make during the phases of the Moon in what refers to culture, beauty, personal life and others. More information encuentrela in source important: remember that this and any other diet it is recommended to consult a doctor.

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