The new millennium has transformed the practices of organizations and thus the skills and characteristics that the new environment of this global and competitive world business leaders demand characteristics such as:-understand the economic, technological, political and social trends of the environment and its impact on the management and strategy of the organization. -Having capacity to formulate strategies that allows you to define a flexible and integrated system of objectives and media covering vision and mission of the company and its business. -Identify the key factors for the implementation of organizational changes. -Promoting a culture of service to internal and external customer of the institution or company. -Redesign processes, implement organizational, have learning a greater openness to the Empowerment approach. -Self-assessment for the impact of their leadership styles and the identification of personal goals to improve the quality of their contribution to your institution or public company.

The leader of today must have a profile very other than the leader of several decades ago, whose pattern conformed to a greater extent to the control and supervision. To the leaders of the 21st century are required a different preparation for the needs of the modern, for example companies: knowledge of more than one language, University studies, postgraduate studies, knowledge of computing, communication and human behavior are some of the aspects to consider to be leaders successful and competitive. To be able to organize you need to know where are going, how to organize themselves, and at each stage know being a leader. You should know around a little, and also know all the aspects which may affect an organization, be prepared to face it and be aware of that as it progresses the time in addition to be made available on the road useful tools to overcome any adversity, also appear obstacles which obscure the picture. It was then where should demonstrate that it can make you face all this and along with the team that directs Let’s face it, counteract it, and learn from it for future experiences.

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