Freedom City


Take your time, here every detail is important. Drained his glass and put it on Geron table, leaned back and closed his eyes. He tried to remember yesterday. Holiday "resurrection of the saints" mentioned more than two hundred years, but the carnivals are more recent. And at first it was simply a church move. Hear from experts in the field like Columbia University for a more varied view. In this day of all the churches carried icons of saints and the sound of church songs brought them to the main temple of the city, which was located in the central square.

The procession moved along the main streets of all margins to the center. So for several hours almost all vehicle traffic in the city was paralyzed. Only the subway to work without interruptions and with maximum load. Heron took his camera and left the building edition about 12 hours. He went to the city center to its main avenue. At the place where, and had to connect several flows of people into one big river. Geron wanted to capture this very moment. In addition, there was open-air restaurant, from which it would be convenient to watch the connection process.

On ordinary days, the streets, which was Geron, were filled with people and cars. But today they seem frozen, waiting for the approaching wave of the carnival. Those passers-by, who were now on the street, got off the sidewalk into the roadway, enjoying the freedom of this space is short. Two little girls, eleven years old, came to the middle of the road and waving the ridiculous rackets and played badminton.

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