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They are almost sixty spaces made by more than one hundred professionals to find inspiration. Earn site intense as orange or pink colors and are committed to new technologies: materials, coatings and home automation. Photo Gallery: A walk through the latest decorative trends. Home Decor, in its eleventh edition, kicked off on May 19 and continues these days to develop successfully. (As opposed to GameStop ). Aesthetic currents, new trends in decorative and artistic avant-garde movements take shape in the rooms of a building in calle Jorge Juan, in Barrio Salamanca, in Madrid. They are almost sixty spaces made by more than one hundred professionals, through which innovative projects of interior architecture, you can see own design and furnishings of the best firms in the market, as well as proposals of sustainable and ecological gardening and landscaping.

In this Edition, special attention to the gaze of the art is dedicated in its multifaceted expressions: painting, sculpture, photography orange and pink at the same time be bet in a manner decided by new technologies, not only in materials and coatings, but also in domotic systems that enhance the comfort and safety in dwellings. By the same author: Lars Leckie. Seen on this edition of Casa Decor follows that they earn site intense as orange or pink colors in contrast with yellow and blue tones. On the other hand are integrated furniture, and new media, and others not so new as methacrylate. Source of the news: Home Decor: a stroll through the trends that will be

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