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Detlef Tilgenkamp: the BONOFA AG ‘Recipe for success Roadshow continues even 2013 by BONOFA’ with a successful series of live seminars is launched in the new year. Interested Internet users, but also existing business partners were on four first place presentations firsthand about new projects of BONOFA for 2013 and their own chances in the new online network be informed. BONOFA co-founder Detlef Tilgenkamp, who spoke about the global expansion plans of the company, draws a positive conclusion from the recent series of events. What opportunities and earning potential of BONOFA AG manages the newly launched marketing network? And BONOFA for starting 2013 plans which innovative projects? Questions such as these could be from throughout the country in January of this year extensively and especially first-hand answer Internet users and networker: the BONOFA AG held between the 4th and the 14th January 2013 equal to four first-place presentations. This time the road show stopped in the cities Kaiserslautern, Chemnitz, Berlin and Kempten. Of course with this: Detlef Tilgenkamp, which extensively reported as one of the top speakers on the international expansion plans of BONOFA. Thematic areas of the roughly two-hour events were mainly the four central spheres of the marketing network of BONOFA community, entertainment, gaming and shopping, as well as the concrete benefits of networking from the perspective of the business partner.

The visitors learned many important and useful, they need to know for a successful start as a partner of BONOFA AG and they learned how modern network marketing today really works. At the same time, the management team of the BONOFA AG used the live seminars as a way to introduce the guests and partners personally and to outline the plans for the year 2013 in detail. Already for the first quarter of 2013, the start of a new, international procurement platform of the BONOFA AG is intended; Registrations are already before the start of the Project possible. Detlef Tilgenkamp commented on: 2013 is the year of decision: who would like to benefit from the boom of online business, should now go and started as a business partner of BONOFA. The global e-commerce is and remains one of the promising markets for intelligent network marketing.

We will show you how you can grab these opportunities.” Due to the continuing high demand and the positive feedback from the participants, the BONOFA AG will continue the success model live seminar in the coming months. Partners and Internet users on the official Web presence of BONOFA AG under home/news can inform about the actual dates. Registration for the individual events are possible after the announcement of the appointments by E-mail. Who now wants to know what benefits the online networking with BONOFA means, receives many important information see:

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