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Interview Task copywriter – to take a certain person interview. Typically, interviews are paid a fixed sum. Depending on the complexity of the cost varies considerably. Name any specific figures difficult. Press Releases While service demand is rare, but with the development of free services on placement of press releases, its relevance is increased. The task that puts the site owner before copywriter – writing a press release, which will attract journalists’ attention to his project and make them write about the site in the media. To do this, the author of the press release to find the “flavor” of the site, which will draw on good newsworthy.

To create a press release from the author’s need to know the characteristics of the work of journalists, the knowledge of subject of the project, the ability to find and describe the advantages and features interesting site. The cost of works – from $ 5 per 1000 characters, but often the stakes are higher. If you have friends in the media, communications with the owners of online resources, finally, their own projects, where you can place your press release – this is a big plus. Descriptions for At present, the directory – it is a very high demand in the market. As a rule, any launch site is accompanied by its registration in catalogs. This process is automated, but the descriptions have to do manually.

Here are some of their and book copywriters, and in large numbers. For example, 5 definitions for 500 characters, 20 – to 300 characters, 20 – to 250 characters, 20 – to 200 characters and 10 – to 150 characters. Wow! In the text of the description must integrate harmoniously with 10-20 key words and phrases. Of course, to write descriptions of 75 of the same site difficult. But there is a technology that greatly simplify the process. First, select the site have a competitive advantage. For example, a construction site in front of you company. Their strengths: quality, wide range of services (from construction to finishing, for example), warranty, free budgeting, low prices, the possibility of approximate calculation of the cost of construction or repairs on site. The benefits, choose from a list of keywords, those which are in any way related to each individual asset. Then make it a rule of thumb is a short description (150-300 characters) must reflect a single, maximum two advantages, the long (350-500 characters) – two or three or more advantages. And write. In our example, the company has six advantages. Thus, the 20 descriptions of 300 characters 3-4 of the text should describe each edge. Value work usually depends on the total number of characters of all descriptions. For example, $ 5 per 1000 characters. A complete set for the site costs about $ 20-50. Sample text for a site Job Hunting on the Internet. Jobs, useful articles about the work directory of resources. Forum for all those looking for second jobs on the Internet.

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