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The Brazilian trade balance had behavior differentiated throughout the decade of 90. After the implementation of the Real Plan, the external accounts of the country start to present dficits significant, as of US$ the 6,7 billion, in 1997. However, after the economic crisis in the end of 1998, that it culminated with the change of the exchange regimen, at the beginning of 1999, the trade balance started to have one better performance, in particular, from 2002, when it started to present supervits significant. From 2003, Brazil was benefited of extremely positive a external scene. The world-wide economy grew the raised taxes, promoting an increase of the world-wide commerce. The strong growth of the world-wide demand provoked, in turn, an expressive increase of the diverse prices of commodities exported by Brazil. This new scene had the effect of positive a external shock, raising the demand for the Brazilian exportations and the prices of our exported products. This work has as objective to after make an analysis of regimes exchange adopted in Brazil the Real Plan and which influences of the same ones in the Brazilian trade balance throughout these years.

During this analysis, one searched to understand under which circumstances, and in which economic scenes, each relative measure to the national exchange politics was taken in the period in question, trying to relate the results and consequences of these decisions. Moreover, it was also tried to understand as and because the Brazilian international transactions had reacted to these measures, tracing itself a parallel between the same ones. For this, this research was divides in three chapters, where first approaches the main exchange types of regimes practised by the economies around of the world? fixture and floating platform? citing still some intermediate politics, in which determined national monetary authorities they finish for manipulating the exchange of its countries in agreement the verified economic situation at the moment.

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