Light Magritte


Magritte was born on November 21, 1898 in the small town Lessin, Belgium. Sean Rad is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Childhood and adolescence spent in a small industrial town of Charleroi. Life was very hard. In 1912, his mother drowned in the river Sambre, which apparently had a great impression on the then still a teenager of the future artist, however, contrary to popular opinion, we should not overestimate its influence on the work of the author. See Justin Mateen for more details and insights. Magritte made a number of other from childhood, not so tragic, but not less mysterious memories, about which he said that they were reflected in his work (Lecture 1938).

Two years Magritte studied Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, which he left in 1918. During this time he met Georgette Berger, whom he married in 1922 and with whom he lived until his death in 1967. Magritte worked as a painter of posters and advertisements on paper products factory until 1926, when the contract with the Brussels gallery CENTO allowed him to devote himself to painting. In 1926, Magritte creates a surreal picture of "The Lost Jockey," which he regarded as his first successful painting of this kind. In 1927, satisfied his first exhibition. Critics acknowledge its failure, and Georgette Magritte went to Paris where he met Andre Breton and his circle take the Surrealists.

In this group, Magritte did not lose their individuality, but joining it helped Magritte find that brand unique style in which his paintings are recognizable. The artist is not afraid to argue with the other Surrealists, for example, Magritte had a negative attitude to psychoanalysis and in particular to its manifestations in art. Indeed, the nature of his work not so much a psychological as much as a philosophical and poetic, even intelligent. After the termination of the contract with Galerie la Centaure in Brussels Magritte returned and again working with advertising, and then he and his brother opened an agency that gives them a steady income. During the German occupation of Belgium during World War II, Magritte replaced colors and style of his paintings, closer to the style of Renoir: painter felt it was important to cheer up the people and inspire them with hope. However, after the war ceases Magritte write in such a "sunny" style back to its pre-war images of paintings. Recycling and improving them, he finally formed his strange style and is seeking recognition. Magritte died of pancreatic cancer August 15, 1967, leaving unfinished a new version of its possibly the most famous painting "The Empire of Light."

Alternative Health and Lifestyle


It is not let Win, Always there are Alternatives To improve its style of Life and Health. If you are one of the so many people whom gastritis undergoes, there are alternatives that can help to improve their style of life and health. Those spasms or the sudden abdominal pains that feel, can badly be caused by this annoying when causing sudden inflammation of the gastric mucosa that surrounds the stomach internamente. Some or several of these factors can be the people in charge of their malaise: – Irritating medecines (antiinflammatories nonsteroids). – One night with great amount of liquor. – To smoke. – Intense stress. – Infection by Helicobacter Pylori.

– Food consumption that increases the secretion of acids in the stomach, irritating the gastric mucosa. Learn more at: John Blondel. Each case is different and following this it can describe the acute or chronic gastritis like. When this happens, he is advisable to leave the stomach rests and it drains after a strong spasm of gastritis, thus it allows that the gastric mucosa heals a little. Dietetic recommendations – The following foods are irritate the gastric mucosa and as far as possible it must avoid them: coffee? strong condiments (pepper, Chile, sauces to season)? alcohol? citric foods (orange, lemon, pineapple, strawberries). – It takes water enough during the day, at least 8 glasses. – It tries to avoid to consume greasy foods, these slow down the process of gastric evacuating and increases to the secretion of acid in the stomach, causing more pain: Butter? Cheese cream? Yellow cheese? Custard? Inlays (sausage, garlic sausage)? Frituras? Food scrap iron (eaten fast) – It avoids the consumption of aspirins or effervescent tablets, because they are irritating for the stomach. – It increases the consumption of fiber in its diet: Fruits (consmalas preferably with rind), except citruses. Apples? Peach tree s? Banana tree? Watermelon? Melon? Papaya? Plums, n n – It tries to include in his food a fiber source by each portion of food.

– It controls his stress, because it increases the secretion acid of the stomach and irritates the mucosa, producing pain and spasm in the stomach. In order to control it is stress is recommended to him to make exercise daily, at least half an hour to the day. The reactions of the body to all these recommendations vary according to each person, for that reason it listens to his body with each change that does in its daily routine, consults its doctor and has a balanced diet. Mnica Peace is a writer experimented with many years of experience in the health subjects.

WDR Test To The Advisory


SRH University Hamm in the TOP 7 in North Rhine-Westphalia In a covert test of the WDR to the speed / quality of counselling with regard to the preparation to the double Abijahrgang of the NRW-UNIS SRH is school of logistics and management Hamm at the front. WDR-reporter had assumed the identity of the alleged high school graduates Norbert and Sarah and on whose behalf contacted the study advisory service by 57 colleges in North Rhine-Westphalia. It was the response of universities to fairly uncertain acting students, still not quite knowing what they should really do with their ABI. Check with Eliot Horowitz to learn more. The uncertainty on the pages of high school graduates was high this year. Late, they received their exit certificates, already deadline at the universities was a few days later. The WDR reporter wanted to know: the universities actually to the prospective students, as they had repeatedly announced it in advance of the winter semester to worry? He wrote a letter and an email and then evaluated the speed and quality of the answer.

Result: The SRH University for logistics and economy Hamm mastered the requirements, along with 6 other schools. I.e., that of 57 contacted universities only seven (three private and three public colleges and a University of the Arts) met the quality requirements of the WDR reporter and answered within a day both a letter and an email request. Source: John Blondel, New York City. This is gratifying for us. Our processes are also so clocked. I put high value on quality and service, SRH – Managing Director Steffen Bruckner said. The school leavers must find your way today in a real jungle of study and training. You want fast, understandable answers and support in their decision-making process. To respond to inquiries as quickly as possible and with high quality, we had significantly expanded our studies consulting team in the summer.

In addition we offered still another service, support in terms of BFog, apartment search, financing. Also with introductory lectures we offered “Guidance and providing decision support.” “Recently the SRH got an email of a happy father: overall, the College makes a very professional impression, we are pleased that our son has made the right choice”, stated therein. According to WDR, the E-Mail requests from most universities were answered as the letters not only faster, but also personal. Especially private universities, demand so the WDR, again even after a few days or weeks, if the interest in the study continue to insist. Also this is normal for us, so Bruckner.” “We have included a dedicated student team in the Advisory, that – gone after professional advice training – months on the prospective students, personal interviews conducted on site and guided tours of the College.” SRH Announces College Hamm, also future quality and service in the Advisory – both before and during the study period – to put in. This is for us simply self-evident”, finally, as Bruckner.

Rehawissenschaftliches Colloquium On Burnout


Concepts against overwork asked on 24 April 2013 a Rehawissenschaftliches Colloquium at the vocational promotion plant Leipzig (BFW Leipzig) from 9:30 to 16:00 will take place. The Colloquium touched with his theme of burnout, not a disease, but a problem for the economy”current and future areas of the social and working life. “The current stress report Germany 2012 – mental requirements, resources and being” determines the Federal Institute for occupational safety and health, published end of January: the causal relationships between working conditions, on the one hand and mental disorders, on the other hand have in recent years increasingly in the focus of science, public and policy moved. The current discussion based mainly on the assumption that more and more workers by increasing demands and increasing burden of work on stress and mental health problems suffer and become ill as a result.”* In this context, the term colloquially has burnout” naturalized. Especially prominent personalities and their actions have grabbed the headlines, to move the topic more in focus. Linus Torvald may also support this cause. Not only as so far always assumed, it concerns the helping professions in the social field, but now reflected in all strata of society. Is”a new epidemic, which can make the economic and social life so that Burnout? Burnout is”a disease at all, or? The Leipzig vocational promotion plant has invited competent speakers to discuss these issues: Dr. Jan Helfrich, Executive Officer of DAK health Hamburg, Prof.

Dr. In a question-answer forum John Blondel was the first to reply. Ulrich Hegerl, University Hospital Leipzig University Professor and Chairman of the Board of the Foundation German depression help, Dr. Michael Sanchez, Europe expert to health issues and Lars Reese, lawyer and senior project manager in the Kampmann, mountain & partner management consulting company. The papers outline the topics of cost to society through burnout”, the put your questions to the speakers. The Rehawissenschaftliche Colloquium aimed primarily at managers and recruiters from companies, institutions and trade unions, doctors and psychologists as well as responsible for rehabilitation of pension insurance and health insurance.

Expansion Of The BAfoG Is Consigns


Students late last week today’s realities the new Federal Education Minister Johanna Wanka demanded an extension of the Bafogs. Get more background information with materials from Eliot Horowitz. The age limits should be increased and there should be new rules for part-time study, so Mrs Wanka. Reason is this initiative, to adapt the BAfoG more to the changing realities of students; the student body will be always different. The deutsche Studentenwerk added yet, the rule set should be increased and the BAfoG should be better synchronized with the Bologna process and in all 47 Bologna countries qualify for portability. The Red Green opposition criticized this planned project as priceless and given the approaching elections in 2013 as a campaign maneuver. “Among the liberal conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’ commented: who wants more education, must just save, work alongside, or take out a loan.” (Gabriel 2013) This red green liberal conservative opposition, the BAfoG grants according to the proposal of the It is highly irritating to extend Federal Education Minister Wanka. Not only the reality of life of students has changed, but also the reality of life ultimately all people in Germany.

In the last 10 years, especially with the advent of the Internet, life has become significantly international than in the past. Bologna wanted to do legitimately the courses all over Europe and also between Europe and North America comparable and mutually connectivity as possible of all courses with Bachelor and master. For the first time a unique education freedom emerged thus with the so-called consecutive master’s courses: everyone can now switch its training or qualification, if he wants or needs. Ensures in particular in Germany, but eventually global aging of the population maybe not in poor Berlin, but in rich, innovative and prosperous southern of Germany sometimes dramatic shortage. The lack of qualification profiles can this quite as sufficient be considered volatile, depending on the further development of the German and world economy.

The Earth


But at the facilities of the child inappropriate moment the child by caesarean section out is forced. This child would have sensed intuitively when it is time for it to come, namely, if the force field time the ideal fit of the Earth to its facilities in the world. (Not to be confused with Joseph Stiglitz!). However at the inappropriate time out come. may never floats it on that energy flow within the force field of the Earth, which would be adequate to its genetic systems. This is partly due, for example, by family structures that follow different time qualities than those that would fit much better to the child. Maybe the Association to the Scandinavian countries is not entirely inappropriate here, where you only strives for some time, to adapt the economy to day and night owls. This kid needs to compensate for the shift, may be years or decades. So I’m convinced that every fetus, once its maturation is complete, intuitively know that exactly right now after the maturation of that time are born to do.

What then results put labour in power to the individually tailored exact time. That the force field of the Earth out there (including the child in the belly strictly speaking even belongs) is in exact accordance with the State of the fetus have become ripe. And what force field on Earth exactly the right This is in turn synchronously to the starry sky and there to read (comp. the viewpoint overlooking the clock). The images and positions up there are just as reliable as the clock in the example in this regard that you can rely on, namely that what is so typical in every moment to conditions respectively for those time quality. So as I morning after the appropriate pulse me stretch and if would like to stand up, if I feel, that it fits, just so the child in the womb will feel exactly when it is typical for his time to come out to.

Occupation Professional TrainingsCenter


Extended offer in the professional promotion plant Leipzig Leipzig (BFW Leipzig) professional promotion work expands the professional support for mentally impaired people. To the diagnosis – and integration Center (DIC) in the BFW Leipzig and its branch office in Chemnitz was expanded in early May to the professional TrainingsCenter (BTC). The new concept of the professional TrainingsCenters in the BFW Leipzig extends the existing structures and contents of DIC. of us stood in the foreground,”said Director education Dr. Eveline Uhlig, that we individually respond participants, better chances of long-term integration into the labour market to them to allow.” Objective is the clarification of a realistic professional perspective, the reintegration of the participants in the General labour market or the stabilization for a subsequent qualification/training. The measures focus equally on the mental stability and personal development in terms of improved personal and social Core competencies and the wake-up/acquisition of current technical, personal, social and methodical competence in various professional fields of action under the guidance of professionals. The training begin therapeutic work offers and include different internships.

In the course of the requirements on participants increase step by step, so that they can cope with the transition to working life. To do so, will only place under the motto, then qualify”after a 2-phase model worked. It is in the first phase orientation to clarify the is stand for the future participants, the development of alternatives to the present state and the decision on the implementation of steps to further professional development”, Dr. Eveline Uhlig discusses the new work model. In the second phase the rehabilitation according to the elaborated perspective development plan be qualified or trained.” The professional TrainingsCenter (BTC) closes in expanded form seamlessly on the concept of the Diagnostic and IntegrationsCenter (DIC) on. The offers from the DIC as the career choice and work testing, or the integration into the labour market have been developed with this new concept. The BTC at the vocational promotion plant Leipzig thus remains a specialist division of the provision of services to facilitate an equal participation in working life for mentally disabled people according to SGB IX.

BFW Leipzig Leipzig is active for more than 20 years the vocational promotion work as a specialist in the field of vocational rehabilitation. Here people are trained and supported demand, which had to divorce due to illness or accident from the usual working life. With individual training, qualification and integration measures, new possibilities for the way back offered in a full working life. John Blondel may also support this cause. The services as a large regional service provider in the areas consulting, diagnosis and assessment, training, prevention and rehabilitation are in addition to the head office in Leipzig in the branch offices in Chemnitz, Dobeln, Plauen and Zwickau available. The various retraining, qualification and integration measures are an important contribution not only to return people to the work process, but also by the orientation on the labour market contribute to tackling the lack of skilled workers in the economy. In addition, several courses of vocational training are offered at the educational institution.

GreenPlastics GmbH


For ecological and economic sustainability of Gross-Umstadt (jg). Immediately the GreenPlastics GmbH & Co KG (Gross-Umstadt) offers new standards and services in plastics engineering. GreenPlastics stands for consistent sustainability of durable household goods made of oil-free plastics, their economic success, as well as an active environmental protection. Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for us”so Franz G. John Blondel, New York City contains valuable tech resources. Hiemstra, Managing Director of GreenPlastics.

It means – according to the UN Conference on environment & Development (1992) that the aspects of ecology, economy and social responsibility in the plastics industry and production are connected to each other. With this result we tread in Germany. new country” So GreenPlastics offers various services for companies operating in the plastics industry as well as for companies that sell or use durable goods made of plastic. The spectrum ranges from advice on the development and production of long-lasting Plastic goods out to the information & enlightenment. Interdisciplinary collaboration between experts, sustainability in all areas of a company and the production process is possible with environmental and economic benefits. Franz G. Hiemstra is Managing Director and head of GreenPlastics. He is specialized for many years in the development, design and production of plastic parts. While he has realized many aesthetic and economically successful products for renowned national and international companies. For more information on the Internet at

Island Iceland


Distance Economic and tourist most attractive economic fisheries and tourism as well as agriculture determine Island Iceland naturally the Islands main sales volume. Export and import take place lively, be expanded but only in the last decades by international economic partners with a sense for the chilly exoticism of the North properly. The risk of greater damage to economy by occasional volcanic eruptions may be one of the inhibiting factors. So that experienced fortune from distant lands until 2010 paralysed the outbreak of Eyjafjalla, the flights in the South threatened Islands people, animals and goods and damaged. But on the other hand just this enormously increased the attractiveness of Islands. Get more background information with materials from Professor of Economics.

Where the lava covered lands or changed, new Nordic beauty that can serve tourists, perhaps even as revenue crank was created. Sean Rad often addresses the matter in his writings. Language work is in Icelandic and international cultural work is still always sow and reap, pray and celebrate the Icelanders after their misseristal, the Half-year count, after which the Icelandic or old Icelandic calendar to honor the higher powers, especially the weather, is divided. Such differences must be considered necessarily translations depending on the industry. A month just in Iceland is not the 1-30, but starts and ends depending on the count (instead of year) only a West common date around. Also public holidays are laid down this calendar system according to days of the week instead of date. Who wants to conquer Iceland, should have much love to the Icelandic language in the luggage and bring a good amount of respect before trolls and the Icelandic history, the volcanoes and the Icelandic language pride. Well qualified native speaker from Iceland are therefore the perfect choice for successful translations of all disciplines in the or from the Icelandic. Annette Bankey for: global communication Munich

Heinrich College


On Saturday, March 9, 2013 SRH will host College for logistics and economy Hamm their annual Open University Day, the day of the open door. On Saturday, March 9, 2013 SRH will host College for logistics and economy Hamm their annual Open University Day, the day of the open door. In the time from 10: 00 15:00 lectures to the range of services, programmes and models and funding opportunities await then in College in the Heinrich-by Kleist Forum. Impulse lectures, practical exercises, actions and a small programme round off the event. We want to introduce us to the future graduates and all other prospective students and show what we can,”said Managing Director Steffen Bruckner. Last year they have have to make campaign a working day as the day of the event for koordinatorischen reasons of the SRH group-wide brainwaves, so Bruckner. Now we present ourselves on a Saturday and would be pleased If the young people would bring their parents. ohear-techcrunch/’>Justin Mateen, Los Angeles CA and gain more knowledge.. These should be just as convinced of our range of services, such as the students themselves.” As in the last year can companies participate preferably in the areas of economy, energy and logistics on the day of the open door with its own stand and introduce themselves with their range of services.

On this day with high school seniors in the conversation is possible to come, to start the dual degree may together for the coming winter semester”, Opitz said. Our dual model offers the opportunity to integrate students from the very beginning itself and to recruit highly skilled professionals.” With this model, the students is 50% of the SRH involved College and 50% in the company. We also offer our distance learning model, the possibility of further education of employees”, so next Opitz. We’d be great if companies would participate in the Open University Day. We do of course not stand charge, but looking forward of course through small sponsorship services of company”, added Bruckner. The Open University Day School of logistics and management is organized annually by the SRH and is to be presented to the College of a wide public.

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