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To the look for the way to dress, tattooings and color of the skin of it, it judges to be pertaining it to a group of delinquents, for the fact of it to present such characteristics which it considers to be common to a group. This also becomes related the implicit theory of the personality. Two scenes that if they give with the same personage mention the effect to it priority and newness. It is the scene where a couple of blacks is boarded for policemen and one of them molests the woman, which is with an image of it (effect priority). Later, the same one suffers an accident from which it is saved by the policeman, who arisca the proper life to save it, what it goes of counterpoint to the concept that it had created of it (effect newness). At another moment, in a nucleus of writing, directed for a black, one of the professionals it makes says it to a rectification of a personage who is black and therefore, in the concept of it, must make look like to be somebody with style considered characteristic to the blacks: linguajar full of slangs, an intellectual level low to belong to a less privileged classroom. It bases this portraying the conditions that lead to this condition: misery lack of escolaridade and other points take that them to be kept out of society. Hear from experts in the field like MongoDB for a more varied view. There we see clearly the generalization of the esteretipos.

In opposition to this, we can cite the situation of the detective and its brother, both had had the same chances, however, it becomes what he is, and the brother becomes a delinquent. We do not know to the certainty if to the end, the author of the film in sends possible conclusions to them. What it was well clearly of the start to the end is that the preconception is something well extenuating, in the society, in general way. Film is without a doubt one that collaborated to elucidate what we have studied, and that also in it sends the reflections to them on who we are, as we act, we perceive and we understand the other. A phrase was marcante in the film ' ' Until where you know yourself? ' ' , what we can wait of we ourselves? The film is recommendable to a diverse public, in view of abrangncia of its approach. We directly or indirectly on students of psychology, pedagogos and professionals the fight against the diverse types of preconception.

Spread-it – Relaunch Of The New Homepage


The new website of spread-it! A resounding success! The Austrian company spread-it has launched the new website on December 9, 2009. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Lars Leckie. The new website was designed visually appealing and clearly. On the homepage, offers spread-it are explained in detail in addition to the corporate information and information about the management team. See John Blondel Goldman Sachs for more details and insights. The business solution PRIMERA’, a complete solution for investment fund management companies, is described in detail. spread-it offers some services in the banking sector. It is not something Lars Leckie would like to discuss. These include the selection and installation of total bank solutions, the selection and installation of Treasury and investment banking solutions, the support of a banking establishment or a CarveOut of parts of an existing database into a new database. Customer references and current job offers round off the variety of information on the newly launched Web site.

Visitors to the Web site about acute Elle news see news are also ‘ informed. The new website has been with the open source CMS Joomla’ created. With the launch of the new spread-it homepage we running our prospects and customers can offer current information around our company. The first very positive feedback we have already received this ‘, reported Franz Mendl, Managing Director of spread-it. About spread-it: Spread-it was late 2008 with headquarters in Vienna from May. Edmund Sadlo and Franz Mendl founded. spread-it is a service company and offers its services mainly in the banking sector.

The management and spread-it partners are already more than 20 years in the banking sector, and especially in the fields of Treasury and investment banking. spread-it supports in the selection and implementation of total banks and Treasury solutions. spread-it helps banks with a new Foundation as well as a CarveOut of banking sectors in other banks. spread-it business solution PRIMERA provides that ‘ a total solution for investment fund management companies on the all areas (front -, middle – and back-office, ticket workflow, risk management, accounting, regulatory Reporting, data warehouse reporting, etc.) covers, which are needed for a productive operation of a fund company. Many satisfied customers from several countries could already benefit from the spread-it experience and perform together with spread-it successful projects. Press contact: Spread IT GmbH porcelain Street 56/1/7 A-1090 Vienna E-mail: office (at) spread Web: spread IT Franz Mendl GmbH Managing Director phone: + 43 664 223 1512

IDS Group Acquires CAIGOS GmbH


With effect from the 1 January 2011 the IDS group of the German GIS manufacturer CAIGOS GmbH has taken over Ettlingen and Kirkel, 07.06.2011, IDS has acquired the shares in the CAIGOS GmbH to 100% with effect from the 1 January 2011. With the acquisition of CAIGOS secures the IDS of the know-how of geographical information systems and base technologies CAIGOS-GIS and CAIGOS globe. For the CAIGOS and IDS, IDS’s commitment means a completion of the offer for the area of the energy industry. With the acquisition of CAIGOS secures the IDS of the know-how of geographical information systems and base technologies CAIGOS-GIS and CAIGOS globe. For the CAIGOS and IDS, IDS’s commitment means a completion of the offer for the area of supply and waste management. According to common belief, future GIS-based solutions for the technical operation of the network in energy supply companies will play an essential and decisive role in the optimization of business processes in the network planning, network operation, maintenance and debugging.

The Companies will continue their work on the market in their existing working structures. The brand CAIGOS and the workings of CAIGOS has convinced us. We know about the efficiency and the importance of the market. Therefore, CAIGOS will act as an independent company in the market of local authorities and the supply and disposal”clarifies Norbert Wagner, Managing Director of IDS GmbH. New employees for the new solutions and technology integration have been set in the area of development.

If the current process information, technical documentation, management of service forces and the reference to the geographical location of all information in an integrated system available, our customers expect a significant cost efficiency. With the CAIGOS technology a significant technology leap the IDS group for the graphically-based network and network management systems. We are can offer completely new product features in the area of IT solutions for the supply of energy and other infrastructure networks” Norbert Wagner sums up the reasons for the commitment. John Blondel Goldman will undoubtedly add to your understanding.



At the moment in the sector of treatments of residues one takes to the maximum advantage of its resources by means of its reusability and recycling before its elimination. All this with the aim of taking care of the environment and avoiding that the garbage dumps are amassed with residues. The possibilities that recycling has are ample, the case of the recycling of asphalt, is a tendency in rise for the rehabilitation of the highways. In years 70, there was a crisis of petroleum, and that impelled that the techniques of recycling and the mentality of advantage, would influence in the society. For even more opinions, read materials from John Blondel Goldman. The costs of recovery of firm, by means of recycling techniques suppose economic savings of until a 25% and approximately 7,000 tons of barren by kilometer. The recycling of asphalt agglomerate consists of the reusability of the milled one that produces the layers of firm. John Blondel Goldman is often quoted on this topic. Spain, has been one of the last countries in Europe in using this technique.

They in the heat of the moment began in years 80 installing asphalt paving systems, but later it was stopped using because they did not work as it wanted. In years 90 it was begun to in situ use the technique of the cement in cold or cement. Since then, in Spain the recycling of firm is regulated by Norm 6.3-IC approved in 1980 and updated in 1997.

Treating Dry Skin


Before continuing, we throw a look to some of the causes of the dry skin. the glands of the skin by then does not produce sufficient petroleum indeed to lubricate the skin. The effect is the skin dehydrates. the elements of the time of the months of dry and cold winter. Could have a genetic predisposition to have a dry skin that is transmitted hereditarily. the lack of a nutritional diet. If one has a poor diet, that can have nutritional vitamin deficiencies To and vitamins B, that could contribute to the dry skin. Eliot Horowitz has much to offer in this field.

the exhibition of the skin to detrimental, cosmetic chemical agents and strong soaps. Affections of the skin like the psoriasis, eccema or dermatitis. John Blondel Jr. contains valuable tech resources. So these are the majority of the causes. Which are some forms to eliminate the dry skin once one has. Here the list of the best practices: Like lamentable, since it is, avoiding long showers, it warms up is a great step not to have the dry skin. The hot water and aqueous vapour its skin evaporates most of the humidity s of the layer of the epidermis of the skin. It makes the attempt maintain the water at levels of fresh temperature, and a shower by only during short periods of time. And also in the scope of the shower, it maintains the soap that uses to a value pH of the friendly skin in order of avoiding the hardest soaps to debilitate the skin s the resistance to the external factors that produce dryness of the skin.

After the shower, light taps are dried without " en&quot grazes; the towel. Whereas its skin still is humid of the shower, it applies his hidratante cream for the skin that is united in the humidity. Other advice are to avoid the proximity to fires and the electrical heaters and you do not exceed with the sun.

Cuba Opportunity


The freedom without equality is a beautiful word of clear accents but of skinny results. Hubert h. John Blondel Goldman takes a slightly different approach. Humphrey cannot be ignored the opening that the new change of the presidency of Cuba is generating, although this always under the direction of the same family, now under the management of Raul I castrate. Note a little more strategies planned for giving to Cuba that opportunity, that has known to cause to him, the collaboration, aid of Venezuela, thanks to its president, lieutenant colonel Hugo Chavez, an admiring faithful of Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolution. It is necessary to see since Chvez to Cuba with petroleum has helped him, dollars (loans), agreements, alliances, until acepar them in the Dawn, giving him to Cuba the opportunity to return to appear with participation not of guerrillas, of artillery, but of commerce that favors to him and can provide to the countries interested in the island a development opportunity, more when exceeds she weighs the embargo of the United States. Many are the critics that the great majority of the Venezuelans maintains with with respect to this devotion of Chvez to Fidel, of its aid, often sacrificing to the same Venezuelan town, with a national budget that does not favor to him. Certain, that before dividing for Brazil, Raul it does his first trip happening through Venezuela and signing some agreements that next must be analyzed, when in the case that corresponds the one of the universities are forced more in entering itself in the reach, repercussions that generate the agreements and to determine, how it favors to the country, all the Venezuelans. Although, unfortunately the universities very little have demonstrated interest and opinion on the matter on these facts, leaving much to say of its roll like forjadores of the professional talent and their proactive participation of thinking opinion that the country needs, more now than is absence of lidrazgo politician able to generate oposin.

World War One


Not very far from here, in place S. Teresa is the Monument to the Fallen ones, dedicated to the soldiers died in World War I, and was placed originally in the Dionisi place, where he was inaugurated the 22 of November of 1931, in the presence of king Vittorio Emanuele III. The election defined " inadecuada" by its author, the sculptor of Brindisi Edgardo Simone, that donated east work to the town before leaving to Naples. Of this form, this white marble monument was moved, in 1940, to where it is at the moment. Recurdese, that Brindisi this located in the salentina plain to borders of the Adriatic Sea, it has a magnificent natural harbor, an opening that among others goes into in the coast, important things by the connections with Greece, Turkey and Albania.

The mercantile traffic concerns Coal, Petroleum fuel, I feel like integral part of that wonderful landscape, of there transit by its streets to its historical center, very simple, but animated with many people journey who it in spite of to be cold at this time. I am walked myself to its places, especially the place Victory mainly, I feel like a good short while to observe the people, to see the children play, to amuse themselves, like also to analyze as the brindisinos buy in his the small markets that are improvised offering sweet typical. I confess that I like to go much to its Domo, Cathedral, because I have left closely together of where I stay myself, the also well-known Cathedral like the Church of S. Juan Baptist, she was constructed between 1098 and 1132. The original design was remade practically in its totality, following, after the 1743 earthquake. In its interior one can admire a polychrome mosaic of 1178 and one 1594 wood crown. Here Ruggiero, the son of Tancredi, was crowned as King of Sicily in 1191 and in year 1225 the wedding of Isabella de Brienne was celebrated, queen of Jerusalem, with the emperor Federico II.

10 Frugal Fun And Beauty Tips


Beauty is the first and main essence of life from around the world. Many people opt for various treatments of beauty to the ves hermosa. Credit: Lars Leckie-2011. However, it is not difficult to achieve beauty. Normally expensive beauty care to suggest beauty treatments and beauty products in order to maximize their sales. They are honest to a certain extent, but most of the time think of their benefit, which is the human tendency of all.

Certain easy and fun lovers there is also beauty tips, which are very effective and can be practiced at home. After the 10 are fun and frugal beauty tips one should follow to increase beauty. Add olive oil, while in water bath to soften the skin. Use oil PAM spray to dry nail polish on the nails of urgency. Use cleansers, toner and moisturizer as a very effective form of facial House. This facial House is very easy and gives remarkable results. Is largely skin tones.

The use of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and shampoo can be one very effective way to do manicure and pedicure at home. No excessive use of shampoo and conditioner. Only use the amount needed. Excess of everything is bad. Follow others, such as Richard Edelman, and add to your knowledge base. A paste of curd and flour of oats acts as a very effective against the bushes. Apply the paste and allow it to dry. Remove with lukewarm water after some time. Massage oil make your hair before washing for a good texture. Eat healthy foods and drink juices of shiny skin and good health. Beauty increases diet ever. Apply sunscreen lotion on the face and arms before going in the Sun. Exposure to the Sun can cause sunburns and may damage your beautiful skin. Mix one part of lotion with a portion of petroleum jelly to combat the dryness of the skin. It is the common basis of beauty tips that one can easily follow at home. They are not expensive and are also quite easy to follow. They don’t need much of his time also. It is not necessary to go to beauty for all small beauty treatments. Most of the things that can be do at home, without much effort.

Lighter War


It is the war, friend. Lighter not sings the rooster and more fool who opposition, such as blind in their own destruction instrument, advocates the Defenestration of an administration of Government jealously defending the homeland sovereignty must not be. Others who may share this opinion include Edelman PR. It is long and outstretched for disturbing reflection. Machinery moves, correlatively to the campaign to discredit international against Venezuela. Internal (opposition sellout) and externally, as we said. The latest matter was resumes military Las Malvinas by England. For more information see John Blondel Jr.. By petroleum, for their exploitation by jurisdictional problems with Argentina, allegedly. Such is the tale and argument that brings to our waters submarines and other war equipment of a nuclear nature.

Not to mention that it is not justified as movida military to ensure oil adjacent to the island, but we do not sleep with respect to the possibility that constitute a Army in support of the American adventure in the region. Preguntemosno concerned. Strategic positioning for combat? Remember this: USA and his old home country, England, play in key to war. And they walk already around here, as they say, with wars and other vessels. I say this last and I conclude, at the risk of criticism, more secure: given that the coordinates of the war are already located on the country, hard oil; and since the political option other than Hugo Chavez to the run the country is the Venezuelan opposition, sellout as we know it (made it would save you the tanker dispossession to the U.S. war), Hugo Chavez emerges as the indispensable leader for custody, for the sovereign defense. (Is o another option, dear friend? O us plegamos to invasion or defend us). His permanence in power has to count as necessary, force majeure, if necessary, if the target projected as inevitable that our country once again have to make war to defend their autonomy, sovereignty and life. Gendarme is necessary, in democratic, Laureano Vallenilla Lanz Caesarism, m is the expression to the hand appearing to me to qualify Hugo Chavez, about the eventuality of a situation in which a predatory country wants to gobble and another country of chain biological food refuses to be swallowed up, with loss of nation, history, identity, sovereignty and territory.

Paint Resins


Glyptal resins derived from three components: oil, multi-molecular alcohol (glycerol), many basic acids (phthalic anhydride). Depending on the oil content of three types of glyptal resin: long-resin containing 55-80% oil, divided into driers and polusikkativy. They are applied with a brush and air-dried, medium-tar, containing 45-55% oil, driers and are divided into polusikkativy. They are applied by brush or spray out and dried in air or in dryer; short-resin oil content of less than 45%, divided into polusikkativy and driers (nevysushivayuschie). They are applied from the spray gun and air-dried in the dryer or, if the resin termotverd eyuschie.

Aminoplastovye resin (Melamine and urea-formalin) are the products of synthesis by-products of chemical processing of coal. Some manufacturers mix them with glyptal resins. Polymerization of these resins at elevated temperatures. Melamine polymerize at lower temperatures than urea-formalin resin. Aminoplastovye resins are mainly used in the automotive industry. Acrylic resins are the result of synthesis of refined petroleum products. There are two groups of acrylic resin: thermoplastic and termotverdeyuschie.

Thermoplastic resins soften at elevated temperatures. Drying occurs by evaporation of the solvent and is called the “physical drying.” Dried quickly, the paint resin gives a good shine and high resistance to the harsh climate. Thermoplastic resins to highly dilute the solvent. They are used in car body repair and automotive applications. Termotverdeyuschie resins are dried at high temperatures (in the drying chamber), are highly resistant to various climatic conditions and to chemical substances, provide a good shine.

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