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Make A List


Today I was watching through the window, the day was cloudy, dark and heard the Thunder, surely going to rain. I started making a list of things that I do, I thought of some things that should be fixed. Through the window he saw the rain which fell strong, did not see that you had on the other side, it was like a curtain that had raced. I continued with my list of things badly done, I thought of the discrepancies that had had with my children about different topics, it tears me eyes for having been so silly in affairs that did not have any importance or significance in reality, only explaining that my opinion was the valid claim. Think of situations that confront evil for being concerned, not channeled them in the best way, of the unsaid words of support, understanding and love, and that possibly they waited, more than my inflexible point of view. A list of the things that renunciation, of my forgotten shelved dreams of what I lost. of what you earn.

A list of things that I would like to erase, fix and do better. A list of lost time being intransigent, idle, while annoying, watching television. Suddenly the sound of birds singing made me stop and to poke me I saw that you had already escampado leaving the Sun and day had cleared, the sky was blue, as there had been no clouds justifying that everything was wet. I went back to sitting to continue with my list of what you loved, of my homework, what could share and give to my around it, of what I wanted to achieve my dreams, to the best of my every day. Each project or idea starts with the thought, just with the action (Cuzari 43). If reflecting you see something that should be repaired and you know how to remedy it, you’ve found a part of the world that Di – I have left so you perfections it.

Ball Intragastric Balloon


What is the intragastric balloon? This is a soft, smooth ball, expandable, tube placement, and a system of filling so that the doctor can insert it through the mouth, through the help of an endoscope. Once inserted into the stomach, the empty balloon is filled with sterile saline solution. When it is full, it is too large to pass into the intestine, and will float freely within the stomach. How does the system work? Intragastric balloon system is designed to be used with a supervised diet and behavior modifications. The ball partially fills the stomach and patients reported feeling of satiety. How is placed the ball inside the stomach? The balloon is inserted through the mouth without the need for surgery. The doctor previously performed an inspection of the stomach through endoscopy.

Failure to observe abnormalities, professional proceeds to the placement of the balloon through the mouth and along the esophagus into the stomach. The ball is made of soft, foldable silicone, and introduces fully deflated. The patient is sedated, to not suffer inconvenience. They are also used relaxing muscle. Once the ball is in the gastric cavity, populated with sterile saline solution through a fine tube filling attached to it. Once full, the doctor removes the tube with a light pull on the outer end.

The ball has a self-sealing valve, and so is left floating freely in the stomach. The installation time varies, but usually takes 20, 30 minutes, after which the patient is monitored by professionals for a short time, and returns home. How retired the intragastric balloon? It is usually removed as it stood it, via the oesophagus and mouth. Using an endoscope, the professional Insert a catheter through the same, punctured the balloon and deflate it. Once deflated, can be taken with endoscopic forceps and extracted. How much weight do you lose with the use of the ball? It is important to understand that the ball is an aid to weight loss, and that it must be used in conjunction with prescribed diet and behavior modifications. Therefore, weight loss will depend on how closely on how carefully you follow the diet. The maintenance of weight loss, depends on how fully adopted changes in physical exercises and changes in eating habits. The scientific work carried out, show up to 40 kilograms of loss in six months of use, while the average loss of 1 Kg per week. What risks are associated with the use of intragastric balloon? As in any medical procedure, there is a risk unforeseen, unknown or adverse reactions to the medication used and the type of procedure performed. They may vary with individuals. As with other gastric procedures, there is a risk of damage to the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, or by direct contact with the instruments used stop placing the ball, by the same balloon, or the result of the increase in the production of acid by the stomach.

Carbonated Formation


Physical framing and Geo-Morphologic As behind already we relate, the Small farm Sobreiras 1 bes situated in the clientele and concelho of Portimo, district of Faro. Physically one meets inserted in a maritime terrace, a zone of Joint between the sea and the mountain range where, a series of natural resources, if finds available. These characteristics would come to condition the activities of the communities that there, throughout the times, if had fixed. Regionally, it is inserted in a zone of soft topography and reduced declivities that, according to Geologic Letter of Portugal, leaf 52? Portimo (to scale 1/50 000), dates of the Pliocnico. These lands are characterized for red, underlying sand successions which occur carbonated rocks strong carsificadas pertaining to the Carbonated Formation of Lakes-Portimo, dated of the Miocnico.

Thus, in general traces, it will be able to be said that, of the geomorfolgico point-of-sight, the Small farm is inserted in a corresponding area to a coastal terrace, with abundant water lines that go to empty to the Beach of the Ford; plio-plistocnicos and holocnicos that, in what it concerns to geology, are combined in a zone of miocnicas limy formations and arenaceous deposits. Description-Archaeological framing In the area in study, the vestiges oldest date of the Paleolithic period. One is about deposits located in maritime terraces, of which they are example Alvor 3 (CNS 18629), Pedregais (CNS 18632), Boio 1 (CNS 18630), Arens Joo (CNS 18631) and Ford 1 (CNS 11780). The materials collected there consist of cut ltica industry. The Neolithic period meets well represented in the area in question, being to point out the small farms with occupation of this period: Alvor (CNS 7219) and in its immediacy, Grajo (CNS 18633).

The Fast And The Furious


Fast and Furious / The Fast and the Furious usa Director: Rob Cohen. Cast: Johnny Strong, Ted Levine, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster. Synopsis: The characters' Fast and the Furious "racing is not just a hobby – it's a real street theater, where people come ill, communicate and fall in love. In the 'Fast and Furious' tells the story of rival gangs of street racers. In one of the teams hits a policeman, and that it changes the usual during the lives of these madmen. Fast and the Furious 2 / 2 Fast 2 Furious U.S.

Director: John Singleton. Cast: Paul Walker, Cole Hauser, Eva Mendes, James Remar. Awards and Notes: Filming began painting on September 9, 2002 in Miami. The main star of the first 'Fast and the Furious' Vin Diesel dropped out of the project after query is very large fee (over $ 20 million). Accordingly, due to lack of Diesel's director Rob Cohen has refused to put a sequel.

Synopsis: Former cop Brian O'Conner, along with partner Roman Piarsom going to carry a large amount of 'dirty' money known mafia Verona Carter as his henchmen. But in fact this work is only a cover for Bryan, who, along with an undercover agent Monica Clemente must catch quirky offender. Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift / The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift usa Director: Justin Lin Starring: Lucas Black, Bow Voe, Brian Tee. Synopsis: Sean Boswell has always been an outsider. His only connection to the world – illegal street racing, because of which have problems with the local Shona authorities. To avoid prison, he leaves the country, and now he has to live with his uncle in a close apartment in the slums of Tokyo. In a country gave life to most street racers, ordinary race gave way to competition, at the maximum speed challenge the power of attraction – 'Drift racing' (controlled skidding) – lethal mix of top speed and cornering 180 degrees. It's only making the first hesitant steps in his new discipline, Sean, unaware of the consequences, accept the call, dk, 'Drift King' being connected with the yakuza. After the defeat of the only way for Sean pay off your debts – to plunge into the deadly world of illegal racing Tokyo, where at stake are life and death.

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