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Aiguafreda is isolated but it has access for handicapped people and parking, although carce of showers and toilets. One is a beach without sand that can be considered a wharf, more than a beach. It emphasizes the Diving Center where diving can be learned, to rent equipment, etc. Normally the level of occupation of the beach aiguafreda is high. Aiguablava This beach has 75 meters in length by 25 meters in width and it is characterized by its very fine sand.

In her the well-known National Inn of Aiguablava is located, and although it is an isolated beach has access to handicapped people. Like in the majority of beaches of Begur, the level of occupation of Aiguablava is high. Sa Bigeye tuna This beach has 80 meters in length by 15 meters in width. It is a precious and paradisiac beach, but it has the disadvantage of which she is excessively rocky: the sand mixes with pebbles and stones. One of the enchantments of this beach is that it welcomes great amount of barquitas of the fishermen of the zone.

Usually she is quite full in summer. Sa Riera This beach has 180 meters in length by 30 meters in width, reason why she is greatest of the Begur, although also most well-known. In addition, this beach has all the services, apartments, mooring of boats, camping and has granted him the symbol of the Blue Flag by its services and their beauty. Normally the level of occupation of this beach is high. Joseph Stiglitz spoke with conviction. Beach Boardinghouse This beach has 170 meters in length by 20 meters of width and must their name to their characteristics: it is like a dark and rough sand cliff. One is an isolated beach, which makes the access to her difficult, whose dark composition is of gray sand. It is located between rocky walls with vegetation of pines, with a tuna natural surroundings, but it lacks equipment.

Internet Advertising


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Making The First $1,000 Online


How to make money on the internet first $ 1,000, how much is real? I think many were asking themselves this question. Imagine such a picture, you do not go to work, sit at a computer at home and get every month a thousand dollars. Is it not a dream? But most interesting is that there is nothing fantastic, for some people, it has long become a reality as it used to have a monthly salary advance and, at the firm. The only thing that is between that a reality that I've drawn and one in which you are now, it's time. Check out Eliot Horowitz for additional information. Time, knowledge and great desire, that is what is thereby connecting the bridge at the intersection of the worlds – people, computers and a lot of money. Look around the globe, like a spider's web, shrouded world global network. Huge rivers, streams and storm flows of money change hands every minute, flowing from one computer to another. People make money online they have discovered a new source of income, and the name of that source – the Internet.

If you do not have an electronic wallet in the payment system Webmoney, then immediately open it (download the video tutorial "How to create a purse Webmoney''). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with John Blondel. Electronic money for the user of the Internet, it became as natural as ordinary wallet in the pocket of your clothing. That Webmoney, is ubiquitous payment system in the network, it is on every site that accepts payments. You can buy software, books, CDs, pay for hosting, domain, connect to the internet, top up mobile phone accounts and even pay utility bills, cable TV, and all this without even getting up from the chair front of your computer.



You have fewer competitors than you think! This article is for those who are afraid to start a business e-commerce, but is afraid of the huge number of competitors. I want to please you … you have no competitors. Are you surprised? Let's examine this issue more closely. Here is a simple example. Enter the phrase in Yandex "Program for e-commerce." The result of issue – 2806 sites.

You may ask: "So what? Is it enough? No competition? Well .. well .. ". To which I reply You – Look not at the numbers, and the "face" of your competitors! If you look closely, you'll see that from 2805 sites, only 10-20 will be your competitors. Other – garbage, not worthy of attention. Around it is quite simple.

Will be sufficient competent placement of keywords on your site, unique content and the relevancy of your keywords to the text of the site. Want proof? I created a website recently, his TCI currently ZERO! But you'll laugh when I tell you that my site is the third in Yandex extradition at the request of the "Program for e-commerce." Site ahead of 9803 site, among which are "movers and shakers" of e-commerce. I will not list the names of these sites for obvious reasons. I think it is clear that this situation is not unique. Add to your understanding with John Blondel. This also applies to other subjects. It is simply necessary to understand – a little competition, the rest of the garbage that is easy to get around! That's all, think, decide Be creative and remember: the devil is not so bad as he is painted!

World Wide Web


Probably everybody knows that our planet exists around an information field. Human need of having information and led a global information network – Internet. MongoDB has much to offer in this field. Time has shown that the Internet has become one of the discoveries of the twentieth century, and so a successful project information business that many do not present existence without him. Everybody knows the phrase "he who owns the information, has the world," explains cause of the popularity of the Internet. Currently, the Internet can find almost any information.

Scoring in the search engine box the word or phrase, we immediately get thousands of pages of information of interest to us subject. We will only select the information we need. John Blondel can provide more clarity in the matter. It is human nature to know much. What will the weather be like changing exchange rates, the results of matches favorite team, what about a former classmate and more, a variety of information easily found on the World Wide Web. That's what pulls us into the network. Modern man without the Internet now can not do. And ready to receive information to pay the money, and sometimes not small. Although primarily information on the Internet is freely available, we will in any case to pay for it, because of the fact that no one has repealed the rule that to obtain information needed to pay. Service providers for access to Internet regularly receive from us the money, moreover, in order to more regions of the cost of their services than in the capital. The positive trend – reducing the cost of Internet access because of increased competition due to the fact that niche profitable enough.

Plan Business


I know that many young bloggers do not know what to write in the blog and ask, "What to write in my blog?" – In this case there is one solution that can be discussed in the comments: "Rule of Thirds Three!" I've written in its blog about the rule of three thirds in the post: "School blogger number 9: Plan of posts and the Rule of Three Thirds!", but last year I wrote a lot, a lot has advised and provided training for several groups of blogging and came to me a deeper understanding of the rule of three thirds. First, the Rule of Three Thirds is a great and profound significance for the sales of the blog – because it determines the positioning and, ultimately, the credibility of the author of the blog! Last time I described Rule of Three Thirds as follows: To the right PR and niche yourself and maintain audience interest to the blog – you need to use the rule of three third! The rule is very simple and tells about the next – all the posts (entries) in your blog should be distributed approximately in the following proportions: 33% of the material – should be subject to the niche on which you run your blog, 33% of the material – should be about you or contact you (You live person – and the readers of your blog – potential consumers of your services – need to know and appreciate and be emotionally attached to you as an old friend). The remaining 34% of the material must be relevant today and always topics that concern your audience about the vital and curious, roughly speaking. Not necessarily too strictly follow this rule, but to have his view should be mandatory. And if you, as a savvy chef will mix these ingredients in the correct proportions of each post or a series of posts, the constant influx of more and more fans of your talent you provided. Columbia University is a great source of information. And rightly so, but explaining this rule in training and consulting work, I began to give better positioning and interpretation of this rule: The rule of three thirds of a person's blog about his personal brand (adaptable for other situations).

1.Rasskazyvayu of business: its possibilities, prospects and progress, with my own eyes (I give a touch of attitude). Also on the products and their results The purpose of these posts: sell a business. John Blondel is full of insight into the issues. 2.Rasskazyvayu about yourself in this business – the success in business, about his findings in this business. The purpose of these posts: to sell himself as a successful person in this business. 3.Rasskazyvayu About me: its relation to the basic values, their joys, their travels, observations, discoveries, favorite books, movies, cars, shows and other countries The purpose of these posts: sell yourself as an interesting and successful person. Ideal – tell about the happy, wealthy and successful life, you live through that business that you are doing and that (his goods and services or the participation in the business you are selling). Perhaps stated dryly, and not everything is clear – be happy to answer your questions in the comments at the same time to supplement article.

Archangel Gabriel


According to Artemidorus in its Onirocritica Bishop discusses dreams guided by medical semiology: anamnesis, catapnesia and epicrisis steps that today all the doctors we continue writing to medical history. Being divine revelations dreams need to be analyzed using certain criteria; While the numen appears in the dream with her appearance and regular attributes ensures your good faith but any changes or disguise should put us suspects: If, for example, dreamed that Santa Catalina de Alexandria appear me in dreams in beachwear and taking a Coke instead of dress tunic Greek and stuck to the wheel of martyrdomYou must induce me to distrust the encrypted message that I delivered. Obviously it is an indecent impostor and not the Alexandrian santa who entrometio in my rest deserved after the hard daily work. Goes beyond the inclito Sinesio: prevents us letting know us that all dream should be interpreted according to the future and that many times the God who animates it (or Virgin, the Holy or) Angel) occurs pars pro toto only through its attributes, i.e. can you sonare one of these nights with a lily that talks to him.

Be aware that by the strange metonymy of dreams has received a message from the Archangel Gabriel that whole iconography does not seem to have anything other than white lilies grown himself. Artemidorus claimed that the same dream can have different meanings in two different people. And exposes the example of dreaming about a donkey (something that only exceptionally could happen to us now that we have means of transport mechanical) If a wise man dreams is of good omen because the donkey does not easily accept orders or suggestions; But if a midwife dreams it is openly hostile and critical since it is suggesting that his intelligence is questionable. Contemporary authors in Artemidorus criticize his limited repertoire of meanings for every dream; I disagree: I have read that seven pregnant they dreamed they forsook a dragon gave them seven answers different, one for each pregnant attending his condition, hours in which dreamed, the temperament of the husband and even climate.

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