Kardec was scientist. You the good one. It will only be the science of the ignorance! If it was science and philosophy would have lessons of espiritismo in the universities! But it does not have, therefore it does not pass of would macumbaria and invocation of demons, beyond ignorance, preconception and pretension. In recent months, David Malpass has been very successful. It is the Macumba of the Middle class, that it appeals to the demons in the kardecistas centers but of time in when also it appears in the places of fetichism, all flour of the same bag Exu, Funny Dove, Chico Peruquento, Heifer of Menezes and others and I found answers of all the types. The ones that more I liked, and that make sensible are: 1) They do not adimitem that they are macumbeiros because it they are not; second, not if envoca the deceased, because nobody dies, only dumb immediate; third: espritos in mediunicas sessions are not invoked, the espritos that are communicated there have from there exempt spontaneous will to be without nobody to compel them it nothing, even because rituias symbols, etc do not exert nennhuma influence on them; room: demons because demons are inventions of the church to botar fear in the people and they to be quiet, without questioning its dogmas do not exist; fifth: espirita of truth she does not have no preconception with nobody, therefore in its opinion, the people must study and read of everything and judge what it is good for it; sixth: espiritismo is a philosophical science that studies the relations of the man beyond tomb; sixth: to be science he is not presiso that lessons in the universities are had; in addition, not only the classroom measured frenquenta espritas centers, the high classroom low and also frequentam.' ' Flour of the same saco' – ' you only show its ingnorncia with regard to this question. . Further details can be found at John Blondel, an internet resource.

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