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Kellog Briand Pact Socialism


Fascism saying liberal, term nationalising everything that in the beginning of Government had privatized. The fascism that was defined as a spiritualist and idealist, turned out fanatic, and materialistic. Fascism which appealed to reason, term irrational and intolerant. Mussolini declaring the action to buried to philosophy. Also it is contradictory and irrational that Mussolini acceded to the Kellog Briand Pact, signed by 62 Nations, in virtue of which stated to the illegal war in 1928. Fascism and Nazism are therefore a deformation, a misreading of the ideas of Nietzsche, Hegel, Manzini, Pareto, Mosca, etc. Resulting in a path whose ideological principle is known, as all its imitations, but whose purpose or implementation in practice, is ignored.

Where the vagueness and contradiction, are obligated rule that will guide and mark forever his political formula. And as argued Napoleon Nada can go well in a political system in which the words contradict the facts. A prophecy that was fulfilled not only fully in Italian fascism and German national socialism. But, up to Napoleon himself, who is considered the first fascist. The ideology of the Duce as the Fuhrer turn out to be a deformation rather than an evolution. Presenting all the gaps and contradictions in the opportunistic. They are cunning and not light, instrument and not guide. Rather than propose a program, they impose a style that plagiarized.

So it makes bad history in call you initiators. Mussolini declared in 1919 fascism has no statutes or rules, then our doctrine is the fact in 1938. Hitler to come to power in 1933, fails to present a program, all programs are useless, the only thing that really matters is the human will. He then claimed that national socialism was a potential socialism that would not be made never because I was in a condition of continuous change. The German National Socialist party program is temporary (1920).

Middle East Country


Finish by saying that the purpose tactical (to support the strategic objective of exit of Chavez in 2012) is to generate a social eruption. 4. What hunters of Orchid or future bodies for decomposition? To continue with the initial reflection about odors, said that Venezuela smells perfume of hydrocarbons for the olfactory desires of that of oil in the world depend on both the dogs of war. I could say that the smell of oil is like a blood to a hungry predator odor, worse if placed in the backdrop of survival in a historic moment that its global reserves decline, with the danger of dragging its debacle in the pillar of the powers laid down in the world. (Something that certainly won’t happen: the drama of the oil shortage, beyond the aforementioned revolutions of colors as a way to get it, what he has done is exacerbate a belligerent mood in general as) via speedy appropriation).

But I could smell the country beyond a few students manipulated from abroad. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Hummer Winblad. I.e. the Government, the Bolivarian revolution, in both was already in evidence with the Libya that the industrialized powers dependent on petroleum little stop at moralities to tackle looting. All you require is an opposition that embochinche enough the country to proceed with the plan below besiege him or Suomi his Government. And how exposed it fell, in Venezuela a contranacional opposition Assembly inland work has become almost with impunity. The student movement white hands is more solid and Assembly than ever, emboldened with current events in the Middle East and North Africa, logistically supported by the unspeakable (for immoral) interest foreigners.

There has been a unpunished planting in the country with a view to the long-awaited explosion of colors. The Government of inactive, of indiligente, dump the nobility of purpose has sinned humanistic. It has ceased to grow the puppy’s white elephant who are students to the day today, and who are willing to push their whiteness against the siege of Miraflores.

Increase Muscle Mass


Know how to increase muscle mass may seem difficult at first, especially if you’re a naturally thin person and struggles to gain weight (people known as ectomorfas or with difficulty to gain weight, in bodybuilders terms). Maybe you’ve tried with a weights in the past training program with results less than satisfactory or you’ve already decided that you already had enough and you want to pack some pounds of muscles hard as rock in your skeleton. Matter what your situation, I’ll show the five best tips for thin men on how to increase muscle mass and acquire a body which will flip the eyes and will be so jealous all those guys in the gym that I will be asking you, training tips. Now, some of these tips would be against most of what you have been told or you’ve read in magazines about how to increase muscle mass, but don’t worry, because they are designed for the Ectomorph thin Habitus that strives to increase muscle mass. The majority of the workouts in magazines not they are designed for guys like us, so follow them will often result in frustration or failure. 1 / Eat more. When considering how to increase muscle mass, many people deny the importance of diet and calorie intake.

For this reason, I’ve put this Council to increase muscle mass as number one. For Ectomorph Habitus or the classically slim type, this is often the biggest mistake when committing are trying to figure out how to increase muscle mass. It’s simple really… If you do not feed your muscles, they cannot grow. To increase muscle mass, average calorie intake should be around 3,000 calories or more, divided between 5 to 6 meals per day, with a focus on proteins and carbohydrates. This will maintain a consistent supply of food and nutrients. A man to increase their muscle mass, your protein intake should be around 1-1.

Ecology And Reconstruction


Ecology and reconstruction of treatment facilities. Technical aspects of the increasingly high requirements show today to wastewater treatment of municipal and industrial organizations. It is caused by blockages and pollution natural reservoirs, which has a negative effect on people's lives. That is why the demand for the service restoration and design of treatment facilities has increased. The vast majority of businesses now violate standards of treatment, using obsolete equipment, thus endangering lives. Devices to wastewater of industrial enterprises and utilities operated at a high level, their complete replacement or reconstruction should be entrusted to the real professionals. In the meantime, let's talk about the main parts that are better pay much attention. Biological treatment – is the most important option for wastewater treatment.

Caring for the biological treatment, pay close attention, especially phosphorus and nitrogen removal. In the future these elements lead to the accumulation of soil nitrates and nitrites, which are a major threat health. Therefore, the removal of phosphorus and nitrogen in most sewage treatment plants, designed to offer a biological treatment takes place, involving the approaches of nitrification and denitrification. Once in the treatment plant, nitrogen initially converted into nitrites and nitrates, and later reverse the process becomes a gas, which is released into the atmosphere without causing any harm. Technology nitrification and denitrification, which is the basis biological treatment, is precisely the point. When incorrectly calculated wastewater of industrial enterprises and utilities, and lies in wait for us another threat – the spread of infectious diseases. In systems must be present a clear link, as the disinfection of wastewater. Otherwise, once in an open environment, infection or a virus starts to multiply, leading to an epidemic.

Chlorination – the familiar version of decontamination. Of course, the alternative to this method in our time still unknown. Wastewater disinfection can be carried out using ultraviolet radiation. Further actions to achieve a given level Water quality directly after the complete biological treatment called tertiary treatment of wastewater. Programme of Action for advanced treatment of wastewater depends on the goals that you set yourself – whether the water is then used for household purposes, or drinking and so forth. When sewage sludge is created. With regard to the type of sediment – mineral, organic sludge or mud, and it is dehydrated. Difficult to dehydrate the latter two categories, creating sewage treatment plants is to keep in mind. Stages of dewatering are: seal, dewatering, incineration. Source: ecopolymer Designing and reconstruction of wastewater treatment facilities.

Suncor Energy


The probability of a slowdown in the world economy is increasingly likely. Bernanke acknowledged yesterday that it is possible that during the first half of this year, the American product shrinks, which will affect the rest of the economies. For the IMF, even as there is a 25% chance that the global economy enters recession. The key to this problem will surely pass by know if this growth in prices, which comes mainly from the food, begins to be transferred into the prices of other products and services generating a greater expectation of inflation in the country. Hence if the situation may deteriorate seriously. When I see the measures adopted by the Peruvian Government to face the increase in the levels of inflation, namely: reduction in tariffs on imports of food products, a restrictive monetary policy, and the establishment as the operational goal for this year of a fiscal surplus of 2% of GDP (for slow domestic demand growth), all are me successful and healthy measures. -Exceptional investments – investment newsletter, Exceptional investments, has gained profits of up to 700% with companies such as Suncor Energy (NYSE: your) hand in hand with the rise of the petroleum in this newsletter you will find companies that have benefited from this boom in commodities. And these hikes are not stopped: If you want to know our portfolio of investment and our latest recommendations, click here to weigh the benefits of these anti-inflationary measures, Humberto Campodonico, I understand that since the Peruvian site the Republic already speaks of his failure and criticized them: first thing that can be seen is the failure of the MEF, which said that tariff reductions on imported foodstuffs would fall inflation replacing features of the CB in the facts of The Peru reserve. As well, in March, according to INEI, products which rose most, by effect of imported inputs, were wheat (1.2%), hard yellow corn, powdered milk (2.1%) and soybean oil (6.5%).

Lexmark Cartridges


In Canon ink cartridges are retained within the tank with a sponge, so that the total leak they did not need. Cartridges of type BC-20 refuel through the side vent. For this, a little hole to extend the to introduce a needle into it and upload the ink. That's it. By the way, do not forget, impossible to seal the hole. Refuel their cartridges are a bit more complicated type BC-21 and BCI-21. First you need to seal the tape outlet. Then cut with a knife the top cover.

Under it you will find filling the holes. In turn is injected into each ink by dipping the needle to the middle of the cartridge (not completely!). Just do not mix paints – filler hole of each color is smoothly over the outlet of the same color. It now remains only to fix the lid in place, having wound its scotch. Most importantly – do not accidentally glue the vent holes. Incidentally, there is another way of refilling cartridges these types. At the bottom of each cartridge has a special fibrous membrane. Slowly enough to drip on her ink, which will be absorbed.

True, this method of charging can be introduced into the cartridge too much ink, and they are translated through the vents. Cartridge, it does not hurt, but you certainly soil all over. Lexmark Cartridge refill reservoirs of these cartridges are combined with the printheads. Ink is retained within the expense sponge. The process of refilling cartridges Lexmark similar to the process cartridge refilling Canon and just as safe for your printer – if it fails the cartridge is discarded, and bought a new one. In the process of filling to start to expand vent, then put in him the needle to the middle and slowly pumped out of ink. In the color cartridges need to remove the top cover and using a syringe to introduce paint into three sections. Then attach the cover place and everything. Conclusions As you can see, refill cartridge for an inkjet printer is not as difficult as it may seem. The main thing – be careful and safety regulations. I think you understand that the ink for ink-jet printer have a simply stunning coloring power. Therefore, the entire process of filling is best done in the bathroom. Better safe, as you know, sorry. And finally I want to warn you that not every gas station will be successful: the cartridge is usually enough for 2-3 refueling, but sometimes it can 'cover' and after the first. But do not grieve. Remember, a little practice and you'll look at without fear slowly creeping up the numbers on the price tags brand cartridges.

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