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Western Hemisphere Affairs


Is added, that the exception made by foreign ministers at the OAS, governed by the Democratic Charter as a minimum requirement for any member country, should not be considered by the Castro brothers as a blank cheque, but as one example of patience with a regime that it oppresses a sector of its population and […]

Type Sale


No, you are writing to sell, and the type of writing to sell, really is very different from the writing of a novel or something of that style. That is not going to be an impediment, that because I say that I use all this type of things, is because nowadays, I can be given […]

Venus System


When I decided to create this blog I got as main goal to be able to monetize the idea of the Venus project and the philosophy of the documentary Zeitgeist so from my personal approach we can begin to mobilize in favour of this new status that we want for the societies in which we […]

Written Web


The deep discovery of this concrete objective, will reveal EVERYTHING to him what you need to begin a specific plan of development of a commercial emprendimiento in Internet. Many people know that they must have a Web site, because they know the importance of using the more powerful tool of marketing of the world, that […]

The Article


Come out and go to the Academy or wherever it is exercised. Follow an exercise routine and do not let anything interfere with her. 2. Have goals. If you want to lose weight, put on paper how many kilos you want to lose per week or how many centimetres you want to reduce your belly. […]

Ecology And Reconstruction


Ecology and reconstruction of treatment facilities. Technical aspects of the increasingly high requirements show today to wastewater treatment of municipal and industrial organizations. It is caused by blockages and pollution natural reservoirs, which has a negative effect on people's lives. That is why the demand for the service restoration and design of treatment facilities has […]

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