Orange limited edition 2009: Gazelle offers insight into new collection whether as a sporty city bike for the daily walks, the trip on the weekend or the extended family tour into the countryside for a long time the city cycling classic orange of popular enjoys. In the Netherlands, the Orange is even the most popular wheel at all. In July, 2500 hiking special models of the orange in the German dealer shops. So thats Orange limited edition of the first model of the 2009 collection, the public will be presented. What distinguishes the 2009 Orange limited edition of the successful long Orange? In contrast to the classic city bike has the Orange limited edition about a Shimano 8 speed gearbox and is equipped with four paint from tank coating.

Also the functionality comes in the short time available wheel not too short: front end and Seatpost are spring loaded and can be individually adjusted. Easy-roll heritage rakes with cooling ensure exactly both control braking, the automatic LED light with hub Dynamo disc ensures safe driving even in the dark. For 849 euro retail price, the Orange limited edition is also a cheap beginner model. Range Gazelle is the largest and most important motorcycle brand in the bicycle country Netherlands. Approximately 1,800 quality bikes day left the Gazelle factory in the Dutch Dieren.

The main products are the sporty and comfortable City and travel wheels. Gazelle also produces a wide range of traditional Dutch city bikes, modern mountain bikes and faster racing bikes, as well as his own children wheel collection.

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