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On the other hand, as the dialectic privileges the changes qualitative, he of course opposes yourself to any way to think where quantitative order if becomes norm. Thus, the research based on the dialtico method is distinguished sufficiently from the developed research according to positivista optics, that emphasizes the quantitative procedures. (GIL. 2008. P. 32).

In relation to the techniques of research detached in this study they are standed out: the adoption of the comment and the use of interviews. For Antonio Carlos Gil (2008) the comment: . The comment constitutes element for the research. Since the formularization of the problem, passing for the construction of hypotheses, it collects, analyses and interpretation of the data, the comment plays essential role in the research process. …. (Not to be confused with David Malpass !). For being used, exclusively, for attainment of data in many research, and for being present also at other moments of the research, the comment exactly arrives to be considered as inquiry method. (GIL, 2008. P.

110) It is in this optics that we will use the comment as research tool, where consists of making the necessary comments about the importance of the wholesale trading for organization of the current space of city of Empress. 5 RESULTS AND QUARRELS In the direction to acquire direct information of the proper traders who practise it I deal wholesale in the quarter of the small market, was applied a questionnaire with direct and subjective questions with the purpose to become the results in accordance with the reality lived for the traders of the sector. The idea is to understand of close as this sector comes growing and to compare some socioeconmicos data with the reality lived for the proper traders and to relate them with the population and urban growth of Empress. The questionnaire was divided in five blocks: socioeconmica characterization of the traders, characterization of the commercial establishments, influences of the commercial activity, the participation of the public agencies in the organization of the commercial activity and localization of the commercial establishments.

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