The term of congenital Glaucoma low congenital glaucoma are considered a series of diseases, the majority of hereditary origin, characterized by an eye abnormality responsible for an increase of Intraocular pressure (PIO) birth exist. The most frequent congenital glaucoma is primary congenital Glaucoma (50%), but is, however, an exceptional disease. Glenn Dubin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It occurs in the first three years of life. There is a defective development of the routes of exit of the aqueous humor. In the first weeks or months of life will be presenting tearing and the child is not able to keep your eyes open when there is light (photophobia). The cornea loses transparency and looks whitish.

Simultaneously, the eye, as a result of increasing pressure in its interior, increase of size. It must be especially careful with the children whose eyes much more big than the rest of the children of the same age, especially if it bothers them a lot light. Bibliography. Spanish Association of Prevention of Glaucoma Institute State Ophthalmology Mexican society of ophthalmology journal Mexicana of Ophthalmology March-April 2009, Volume 83 Manual of Ophthalmology author penalty student: School of medicine Ignacio Santos. Member of the Committee of research medical.

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