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Iron Mountain study: More than half of the German Office commuters look her seat neighbor on the shoulder; 14 Percent have seen once-confidential information Hamburg 08 October 2013. Many commuters documents its business on the way to work or on the way back. Follow others, such as Smithsonian Magazine, and add to your knowledge base. This sensitive company information are exposed to a significant risk. 1 The archiving and information management service provider Iron Mountain, a study that more than the already once on the shoulder looked half (57 per cent) of the German Office commuters her seat mate, to catch what it is working. More than one in ten (14%) has seen ever-sensitive or highly sensitive information. Looking at the activities of the Office employees, the following picture emerges for Europe: almost one-fifth (18 per cent) of respondents working in the marketing indicates that they regularly take a look at the work of other commuters, who compared with only 6 percent in the Legal industry professionals. Marketing employees also the probability is highest (35 per cent), that they are working on confidential or sensitive business data on their commute distance. Chief Secretaries and administrative staff the probability with 15 percent is the lowest, to edit confidential or sensitive business data in public means of transport.

Across all occupational groups, 21 percent of respondents in this exercise to do. Trains and planes: most popular places in Germany include trains (49 percent) and planes (32 percent) among the most popular places to catch a glimpse of other working documents. Especially popular are also departure or bus shelters (21 percent) and buses (20 percent). Surprisingly, ends up the Metro, which particularly closely is to, with just under 10 percent in last place. Not only digital data, but also paper information at risk in view of the increasing trend for business purposes to use mobile devices, are the data on Tablet PCs and Smartphones in the foreground.

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