Lighter War


It is the war, friend. Lighter not sings the rooster and more fool who opposition, such as blind in their own destruction instrument, advocates the Defenestration of an administration of Government jealously defending the homeland sovereignty must not be. It is long and outstretched for disturbing reflection. Machinery moves, correlatively to the campaign to discredit international against Venezuela. Internal (opposition sellout) and externally, as we said. The latest matter was resumes military Las Malvinas by England. By petroleum, for their exploitation by jurisdictional problems with Argentina, allegedly. Such is the tale and argument that brings to our waters submarines and other war equipment of a nuclear nature.

Not to mention that it is not justified as movida military to ensure oil adjacent to the island, but we do not sleep with respect to the possibility that constitute a Army in support of the American adventure in the region. Preguntemosno concerned. Strategic positioning for combat? Remember this: USA and his old home country, England, play in key to war. And they walk already around here, as they say, with wars and other vessels. I say this last and I conclude, at the risk of criticism, more secure: given that the coordinates of the war are already located on the country, hard oil; and since the political option other than Hugo Chavez to the run the country is the Venezuelan opposition, sellout as we know it (made it would save you the tanker dispossession to the U.S. war), Hugo Chavez emerges as the indispensable leader for custody, for the sovereign defense. (Is o another option, dear friend? O us plegamos to invasion or defend us). His permanence in power has to count as necessary, force majeure, if necessary, if the target projected as inevitable that our country once again have to make war to defend their autonomy, sovereignty and life. Gendarme is necessary, in democratic, Laureano Vallenilla Lanz Caesarism, m is the expression to the hand appearing to me to qualify Hugo Chavez, about the eventuality of a situation in which a predatory country wants to gobble and another country of chain biological food refuses to be swallowed up, with loss of nation, history, identity, sovereignty and territory.

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