If I did, everyone would be alive, and I would healthy. Having uttered this, she began to cry loudly. There was no doubt a magical ring to be returned to the place, but how to do it because I can not even move. I fell asleep immediately after a conversation with parents. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Philo. In a dream to me again came to the woman, her magical smile was darker earlier, and earrings in his ears gleamed brightly.

She leaned over my bed and whispered: "Give me a magic ring dear to me without it there is so uncomfortable. Give it back in the good. " She also shook her finger at me and disappeared. In the morning I described in detail to my dad how to find the cache, which was hidden a magic ring, and how to detect the ill-fated tomb, visit that brought us so much trouble. Came "Soon" and I was taken to hospital for examination.

In the evening the parents came to visit me and told how they went to the cemetery and magic, as long searched for the tomb, and how much effort they had expended to open it. When they reached the coffin, which was supposed to be based on the one elderly woman, they discovered to their surprise that the earrings and bracelet were her, exactly as I had seen in his magic dreams. The father put her finger on what the ill-fated magic ring, and it even seemed that the old woman smiled warmly and her lips moved as if reciting some magical words of gratitude. Dad could not say this with absolute certainty, but I believed him. Survey, as well as warn the doctor, ended a week later. I found nothing but a magical old woman ceased to be in my dreams and haunt me. A few days later, I even began to gradually get out of bed. Later month I was able to walk and began to prepare for final school exams. A few weeks later I was fully recovered from his sudden illness. Since then, many years have passed, but if I ever hear the conversations, or see the transfer of people who break other people's graves, all that has happened to me, stands up before his eyes at that, same second. And I will not wish those magical tests, which have fallen to my lot, and I do not advise anyone to disturb the magic of the dead. This and other information you can read and discuss here

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