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Consciously or unconsciously, buyer always is evaluating the way how the company does business, how deals with other customers and how would expect that treated him. Given the reality of major weaknesses that presents service management customer part Venezuelan management. Ana Martinez, participant of the Chair of the postgraduate of faces, University of Carabobo, marketing provides the following suggestions: 1.-it is recommended that the Marketing Department take into consideration elements fundamentes in the service to the client that allows the company to add greater value to routine activities in the field of marketing. 2. Visualize and analyze the triangle of the service that currently has a fundamental role in analysis of the success factors that help to implement an initiative of service in any type of organization, taking into consideration that the triangle’s service is a way to diagram the interaction between three basic elements: strategy service, systems and personnel, which must properly interact with each other to maintain a service with a high level of quality. The client, is the center of the model which requires that both the other components of the triangle of the same organization, should be geared towards him. It should not the management forget or neglect following the service strategies customer leadership of senior management is the base of the chain.

Internal quality drives employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction drives loyalty. The employee loyalty drives productivity. The employee productivity boosts the value of the service. The value of the service drives customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction drives customer loyalty. The loyalty of the customer drives the utilities and new objectives. It further recommends, that management not only take into consideration the ten commandments of the service to the client, but that try to implement the appropriate actions to achieve them: 1.-the client above all. Customer is the cornerstone of the Organization and therefore the actions must be directed towards his satisfaccion.2.

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