Material Opacity


High opacity of materials is a guarantee of immutability of the printed image colors when it is placed on color bearing surface. Thus, the main function of coating is to create a surface that would have kept the black and give a liveliness and brightness of colors and natural colors. Natural colors, no “poisonous flowers”, you see, plays an important role in creating an attractive image. There are three types of coatings paper used for large format printing: Universal – suitable for most inkjet printers. They have the distinction of opportunities to take and hold the pigment; special – these covers are designed for specific models of plotters. The main difference between them is not so much the features of the chemical composition, but in the thickness of the coating; moisture resistant coating – apply for papers, designed specifically for outdoor advertising, therefore, created to store properties in direct contact with the water and be resistant to mechanical stress. Their distinctive quality – moisture resistant coating is not washed from the surface of the carrier.

In addition to differentiation by type paper coating can be divided into two groups according to their purpose: paper for color printing – from 90 g / m to 210 g / m ; paper to print photo-quality images – from 90 g / m to 280 g / m . Let us consider the second group, because in commenting on the first major is not necessary. Photo-quality printing is achieved by using paper with a multilayer structure and a special layer for printing, which enables fast the ink is dry and at the same time eliminates their spreading over the surface and penetrate into the paper, even with heavy fill.

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