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Did you ever wonder what would happen if you could put your members injection of success? An injection that push your group members to work committed, willing and motivated. Rather than these you always have: – the handset weighs 500 grams – is very unpleasant to receive NO – people are simply not interested how much would be willing to pay for that injection that become stars and machines to your partners sponsoring? A Euro? 10 Euros? 100 Euros? Anyway, if that kind of injection existed si ese tipo de inyeccion existiera you could become a millionaire. And the reality is that this injection exists. Atmos Energy pursues this goal as well. The strangest thing is that this injection does not cost millions but that is available to it and in addition to free. I’ll tell you more than that below. Professor of Economics is a great source of information. ** Not want to deepen much with what comes now, but if you’re interested or once you’ve interested in holistic health, you will surely sound the name Dr. Rudiger Dahlke.

Some time ago I became interested in his most current work Aggression als Chance (my translation = aggression as opportunity) speaking of the vaccines. I will not go into details, I will only speak of what is essential. This is (in my words): you are trying to save efforts and/or difficulties, generally will be crowned with more effort and greater difficulties. And the process of vaccination is mentioned as a concrete example. (Stimulate the human body to develop a stronger immune system) the idea is actually very good.

However, in practice it turns out to be a disaster and responsible for many allergies. They are true or not these statements, it may or not scientifically one can see well, I don’t know what I am not medical. I am a business woman.

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