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Eclectic Style


Palacete was constructed to parahomenagear its wife the Carioca pianista Alice Have, being idealized aogosto eclectic of Francisco Bologna, presents in its architecture decoration deinteriores and faades, styles that go of art noveau 1, neoclssico 2, baroque 3 Brazilian, the gtico 4 eelementos eclectic 5. Opalacete Bologna is an alive page of the modernity that if installed in the city queum day was ' ' Paris tropical' '. (ANDRADE, 2004, p-133) In an eclectic style, prdiodemonstra the concern of the local elites with the luxury and the beauty, symbols damodernidade and of the longed for civilization of the time. Palacete that deresidncia served it, and of the village where other members of the family liveed. (Photo dopalacete Bologna, in 03/03/2010. Proper authorship.) The Palacete Bologna was overthrown comopatrimnio cultural description in 02de July of 1982 for the IPHAN (national artistic historical institute dopatrimnio) where through the SECULT (secretariat decultura), with the partnership of the FUMBEL (cultural foundation of the city of Belm), aqual came through this falling to rescue the importance that this palaceteteve and has for our history, of a glorious past. This palacete with all its requinte eluxo was forgotten has one decade approximately.

The artistic elements nointerior of the building, the electric installations severely had been damaged. In 1997 the city hall of Belm initiated otrabalho of restoration, this work was partial, since it needed verbaspara to conclude the restoration of palacete. After the disponibilizao of verbasforam restored not only palacete, but also the Bologna village, that to not only pretenderesgatar the value architectural of the building in itself, but mainly ovalor affective and referencial that this area represents the community. The wealth of details of the palaceteBolonha, that had its construction concluded in 1915, seems not to have end, aolongo of the history of that he is one of the most important building of the cultural patrimnioartstico and of Belm. .

Revolution Complex


The known movement leads Revolution Complex, and Yes we camp!. Revolution Complex is an anthology of comics in which 22 young artists displayed their discontent with the current situation in Spain. Three months after its emergence in public life, the 15-M jumps for the first time to the bullets of the comic with Revolution Complex, and Yes we camp! two works that reflected the criticisms and demands associated with this social movement. Eva Andersson-Dubin describes an additional similar source. The first book to see the light has been Revolution Complex (standard), an anthology of comics in which 22 young artists show their discontent with the crisis, unemployment, corruption, precarity, the housing bubble, politicians, bankers or the rating. These demands broke out last May 15, when a simple demonstration was transformed into a massive campsite in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, giving rise to an intergenerational meeting that put in check the Spanish political structures.

In the moments of Misanthropy more recalcitrant, one imagines that the whole of humanity is asshole and that will never change anything, but basically you want to think that there are more people who think like you and that what is needed is that you interconnect among themselves; This has been achieved thanks to the Internet, explains the cartoonist Fernando Blanco (Soria, 1971). Social networks do not enjoy any prominence in cartoon white, Foederati, which compares the fall of the Roman Empire with the current situation of developed countries. The system will disappear because it is incapable of addressing different collapses (environmental, energy, food) that we face, pointing. Revolution Complex also includes works by Danide, Josep Casanovas, Claudio Stassi, Dani Serrano or catalan Marcos Prior, screenwriter of reflections so striking as indignant, film 15-M (irony about the supposed opportunistic nature of the book) or the movement of the unworthy (that denies the guilt of citizenship in the economic crisis). 15-M has been a salutary lesson for the majority of the population, which is that suffers more social cuts.

Feminine Charm


An important part of feminine charm – a stylish haircut. A real woman doing her shoes and hairstyle. Is that right? Since the bad impression created by worn-out shoes or a mess on my head would smooth or not dress, nor natural beauty. But let's leave aside the shoes – hair deserves to talk about it separately. And what it depends on the stunning hairstyle? The state of the hair styling and quality.

And, both easily provide your own hands, in the home. See Noel Quinn for more details and insights. Fortunately, to date, plenty of hair care products of various types and for long-term placement. Today, long hair styling – it's easy. Hairstyles to celebrations we used to trust professionals, but what casual styling – is our concern. Naturally, we would like to take up this process a little time, the result satisfied our taste and kept for a long time.

To begin with, in order to achieve the desired result, we must correctly pick up styling hair. It will be easier for those who have short haircuts. Eva Andersson-Dubin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. To create a fashionable now artistic enough to mess dried cause hair modeling wax ISO 99 543 and put the hair with his hands. No need for special efforts and styling curly hair, provided that you satisfy your natural curls or just want a little to correct them. Here you help such as hair products sherbet Alfaparf 4777, ISO 99 608 pasta or ISO 99 701. If your hair you do not like, they will be able to straighten hair or hair straightening irons, also require smoothing skin ISO 976 132, styling tool Alfaparf hair straightening cream or 4867 to create smooth hairstyles Alfaparf 4770. These hair products do not just keep your hair straight for a long time, and protect them from harmful effects of high temperatures at installation. Curl straight hair without fear of drying out their curls and giving maximum resistance, will help to gel extra strong fixing ISO 99 409, wax, spray-ISO 99 386, glitter hair ISO 224 003 and other similar means. How to style your hair? To have a good view of hair style, styling and did not spoil your hair, do better in the following order: first, wash your hair, apply styling products that are recommended for use on wet hair (mousse, foams, gels), dry hair (very carefully before using the curling hair), put the hot packing only absolutely dry hair, styling complete the formation of hair after complete cooling, if necessary – with the use of additional funds. Then attach the hair with hairspray Alfaparf 4869 or ISO 969 803. All the necessary funds to purchase professional shops offer hair, a wide variety of products allows you to select as the most different masks for the hair and professional hair shampoo (dandruff shampoo, shampoo for hair growth, etc.).

Fashion Trends


Follow the latest trends in fashion – it's not just women's privilege, unless of course you care what to wear. Men are more likely to admit the most unforgivable mistake of style. What is malice and laughter with by others. Give examples of the most striking errors in the selection of clothes. And this is exactly the same mistakes that kill completely all your efforts to look stylish. Layering Vice, neither elderly nor the men in prime, or teenagers.

Sometimes men like crazy. A feeling that they have decided to put everything at once, that is in their wardrobe. Michael Corbat is often quoted as being for or against this. T-shirt, then a shirt, sweater, vest and jacket. All this certainly looks and sticks one from a friend. Difficult to reconcile. And it looks, incidentally, is not sexy. If the cold – no more sweaters and warm jackets. Worn shoes the scourge of male style. By the same author: Eva Andersson-Dubin.

Shoes can nullify all the efforts in selecting and shaping the rest of the clothes. You must be able to part with things that have lost their ideal look. Many men think that the shoes just no one is watching. That it is imperceptible. And therefore I do not disdain the "old, but loved and comfortable." Wrong selection of accessories Most men do not even think about what accessories are obliged to combine with other clothes. This is their psychology – Accessories perceived solely by themselves. Meanwhile, it is fashionable and very important details. It must be remembered that the belts, ties, watches, cufflinks, a portfolio – require the closest attention.

The Systemic Perspective


This is a systemic perspective on coaching and learning. The greatest promise for the systemic approach is the unification of knowledge across all specialties, because the same archetypes recur in biology, psychology, family therapy, economics, social sciences, ecology and management. Mark Paich in coaching and in all learning, systems approach is now more necessary than ever because the complexity overwhelms us We are able to create more information than anyone can absorb.

It is encouraging interdependence that is very difficult to manage. The current economic and financial crises is a clear example. It is very difficult to follow the speed of the changes we are promoting. Claire Larson is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This escalation of complexity is unprecedented in our history. Eva Andersson-Dubin contains valuable tech resources. The complexity can be of two types: the dynamics and detail, with many varieties. In the dynamic complexity may cause and effect are not close in time or space.

In this case the obvious interventions do not produce the expected results. The methodology of coaching with systemic approach is designed to understand the dynamic complexity. Its tools help us identify the underlying structures and patterns of behavior that are hidden by the everyday activities and the incessant bustle that characterizes the organization in the new realities. We show that, often, conventional solutions fail and we must take valid actions.

American Representatives


Sprouts irrelevant what has been called Ni-Ni and other irrelevant to a greater extent become targets of their calls to vote or to help defeat the regime. The crisis of legitimacy can be declared dead in explosion. Representativeness systems designed in the old liberal blows up. Representative democracy is in tatters on the floor. The devaluation of representation and legitimacy representation input can be taken as the failure of the exercise of direct democracy. Originally raised as the way for rulers to exercise power with the freest acceptance of the governed. Here, Robinhood expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

These ruling elites or representative degenerating into castes were opposed to the original spirit. We could accept that such a development was concerning itself a system that carried the seeds of democracy reduction. However, it is considered the best way to manage the complex societies of the industrial age. These messengers called representatives, as its name indicates, represent a fiction to something that is not present. At birth the concept and practice of representation is not governed society itself but to become recipients of the policies and decisions made by the representatives, but are subject to a referendum or plebiscite, according to the forms collected to mitigate the paradox of representativeness. Eva Andersson-Dubin is the source for more interesting facts. As pointed out by Bernard Manin (Principes du governement representatif, Calmann-Levy, Paris, 1995.), One of the greatest scholars, this representation can take three forms: parliamentary, party democracy and democracy audienciaa a . In the first case, they may be called trustees. In the second, which is the case of Venezuela and nearly all Latin American countries, we vote for a party rather than a person.



Speaking about the housing bubble in Spain, you’re making reference to a particular situation in the financial activity and the values and the presence of a speculative bubble, which in this case is present in the real estate market in Spain , a situation that is showing since 1998 and despite the long passage of time even now remains. One of the main events that had the housing bubble in Spain has been a large increase in price levels, exceeding by far the consumer price index, which can be evidenced by the presence of sustained price increases in excess 10% per year and in times of greatest strength of the housing bubble in Spain we reach elevations that were very close to 30%, this increase is that prices were explained at the time of resorting to external factors such as speculation and the reclassification of salaries. Another samples were from the housing bubble Spain is the presence of a large number of real estate were built, which is accompanied by a similar amount of stock buying and selling, thanks largely to the occurrence of a credit that had a remarkable development. Credit: HWVP-2011. This real estate bubble in Spain, is one of the best explanations which can go to understand the behavior that has continued for a good time market in Spain and therefore represents a means to get a perspective on what may be the evolution of this market in Spain. With the concurrence of the bursting of the housing bubble in Spain, resulting in a precipitous drop in demand and prices the same way in the short term, an effect that has been generating since mid-2007 that would have the effect the departure of speculators from the market of real estate, because it has reached the maximum price per square foot, accompanied by a notable failure of the market to meet the huge supply of homes, not is a demand, what the market is in a difficult situation, not having a level close between supply and demand of housing. The arrival of the change of the property cycle, and therefore influence on the housing bubble, which occurred in Spain, had the fundamental cause, the crisis that occurred in the United States of America from sub-prime mortgages, a situation that led to the economic crisis of 2008. For even more analysis, hear from Eva Andersson-Dubin. So the housing bubble in Spain causes major problems in regard to access to housing on the part of the Spanish population, as prices inflated greatly limit the opportunities to access home buying and equal so an increase in cases of rent, which affects a number of other people.

Jewelry Designer


Czech Online Jewelry Fashion Designers If you are a "fashionista" and is considered up to date with the latest fashion accessories, then you know that wearing jewelry designer always accentuate your dress. For those who are fortunate and want to get the latest fashion in jewelry designed by notable designers, here is a list of the best fashion jewelry designer you may want to add to your collection. Probably the legend of Coco, you may be familiar with the brand Chanel, one of the most popular brands, celebrities and wealthy. Over the years, this brand has created several collections of clothing, makeup, shoes, perfumes and handbags, years ago, added to its outstanding collection, fashion jewelry designer, inspired by its founder, Coco Chanel. Nintendo: the source for more info. If you are interested in learning more about their latest additions to the beautiful and extravagant collections fashion jewelry designer, you can visit their website at Indulge your sense with extravagant creations of jewelry that you see on this website. You will see the wonderful creations that are a true creation of a single class with a time of sophistication that has been known as Chanel. See More In addition, if you are looking for a website store, where you know more about the exact jewelry designer who is used by famous celebrities, you could stop at this website offers the top ten designers Fashion Jewelry, which are truly wonderful and are passionate about their art. Notable names like Neil Lane, Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, Maurice Badler, Bill Barnes, and other well known and reputable names in the jewelry industry can be found on this website. Eva Andersson-Dubin has firm opinions on the matter. Another thing which is another great thing about this site is not only that you are informed and educated about what celebrities dependent fashion jewelry designers when they need to dress for the red carpet, but also you get to be aimed at these web sites of the designers of fashion jewelry for you to shop and take a look around their collections at the convenience of your own home. Now visit these sites on your computer, sit back and relax, start to feel like a celebrity when you visit all the sites that offer the creations of fashion designers in jewelry. Who knows, you can even take a good deal!

Orthopedic Mattress


Structure of an orthopedic mattress can be represented as follows: orthopedic mattress orthopedic mattress soft layer of orthopedic mattress orthopedic mattress cover Reason for orthopedic mattress orthopedic mattress on Bonnel spring unit: Manufacture of mattresses with a dependent spring block (150 springs per square meter) is used in relatively inexpensive orthopedic mattresses. The advantage of such mattress – good quality and low price. Lack of orthopedic mattresses on this basis – rigidly springs of large diameter, and reducing properties of an orthopedic mattress. Orthopedic mattress on the spring block system 'TFK': Manufacture of mattresses with an independent spring block (280 springs per square meter), where each spring is enclosed in a separate case. Allows for a certain supplement significantly improve Orthopedic effect of your orthopedic mattress. This mattress eliminates unwanted vibrations and design evenly distributes the load over the entire area. The spine is perfectly flat without strain. Mattress on the spring block system 'multipaket S-1000': Manufacture of mattresses Multipaket (750 springs per square meter) – the latest development in the field of orthopedic mattresses.

This system was the highest grade orthopedic surgeon. Spring orthopedic mattresses repeat the contours of your body as accurately distribute the load and create comfortable conditions for your spine. Springless orthopedic Mattress: Throughout the world, made springless mattresses on the basis of coconut coir and natural latex. Mattresses from the manufacturer provide a quality mattress springless "Memoriform on based on artificial latex, the new material is widely proven as a replacement for the spring unit. The absence of a mattress spring unit does feel different from the ones that are tested on mattresses with spring block.

This framework is suitable for those who need a hard mattress or hard mattress with a softer top layer. Soft layer orthopedic mattress soft layers of orthopedic mattresses may be natural and artificial. Man-layers of orthopedic mattresses: foam – furniture durable foam with high density additives manufactured using imported equipment. periotek – an artificial substitute for wool with vertically oriented fibers. Designed specifically for mattress production. Natural fibers orthopedic mattresses: Coir – steamed coconut fiber walnut volume Latexed natural latex and pressed into mats correct form. Coir is treated special, environmentally friendly compounds, which do not allow to be got insects inside the mattress. latex – is made from the sap of the tree Gibea by . See Noel Quinn for more details and insights. The material has a long memory for recoverability and serves as a finished product nearly 10 years. Fits springless orthopedic mattresses and orthopedic mattresses on the basis of independent springs. felt – used in orthopedic mattress as an insulator layer on a soft spring unit. He carries two functional loading: does not allow the springs orthopedic mattress affect the soft layer and prevents its premature wear. cotton canvas – pressed natural cotton, is the top layer in expensive orthopedic mattresses. wool – used in orthopedic mattresses, made on technology summer-winter with the winter party. Case orthopedic mattress covers the following options for orthopedic mattress: Orthopedic mattress fabric Jacquard Cotton 100 – jacquard with high cotton content (70% cotton) on a double stitch. Orthopedic mattress fabric jacquard cotton 200 – hlolpkovy bleached jacquard (70% cotton). Mattress in a terry cloth – Turkish boucle (100% cotton). Mattress in a tissue Merino – merino wool (100% merino wool).

Finished Cabinet Furniture


What do you think is best for the consumer: the production of furniture to order or purchase of furniture finished? If you conduct a poll on this issue, you can get two groups of respondents, each of which will be to prove his innocence. Let's look at the advantages of furniture manufactured to individual orders, because it has more positive attributes compared to the finished furniture sold in furniture stores. Firstly, furniture manufacturing allows us to vary the cost of finished goods. If a furniture showroom, choosing furniture ready, we already see the latest price, the production of furniture to order we can give, for example, from expensive hardware, add or remove a mirror, choose a suitable material for the manufacture of our purse. Get more background information with materials from Eva Andersson-Dubin. It all depends on your individual preferences and design views. Secondly, manufacture of furniture for individual orders helps to ensure a precise furniture sizes and dimensions that can occupy a niche in your apartment.

What is it gives you? That way you save a free area room and rationally distribute furniture to his apartment. For example, you have a small hallway, but you want to install a small corner cabinet. Only the production of furniture according to individual sizes help satisfy your need. Thirdly, the production of furniture made to order – it's an opportunity to create the interior design of the room. If the purchase of furniture finished you will have to continue to pick up various accessories and furnishings under the acquisition of furniture, then ordered the production of furniture is all quite the opposite. You are already dictate the conditions and eventually get a piece of furniture, a fully corresponding to the current design. As you see, furniture by individual orders has three distinct indisputable advantages in comparison with the finished cabinet furniture. However, we do not know which side individuals you have chosen, so we will not impose their point of view.

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