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Executive Director


And if they’ve been trained well enough to compete with the very same sales manager, who smotiviroval this situation, it is possible that he would try to learn something. And, thus improving its efficiency. This, of course, is very simple and so casually that we can say: ‘So what? I know this for a long […]

Company Employees


Each movement must be accompanied by appropriate training. The firm, which has a high level of career planning can make, model – something like 'career route' provided with 'pointers direction 'in the form of mandatory training and other developmental activities. These plans should be known to all employees of the departments. In this case, they […]

America Business


It all depends on the development of venture capital, while in Russia, venture capital funding begins evolve in the future structure of the shares in the venture funds will be aligned in favor of private investors, but it remains only an option, and from it can not escape. And what applies to public money, ourselves […]

British Airways Production


The answer to the question of how to do it, in our case, is through insight into the company as not producing a given set of products with its clear standards, technical conditions, and always engaged in interaction with individual customers. Traditional marketing, associated with mass production, poses a tough barrier between the production and […]

CRM Mass


Why the admiration was one of the passengers, accidentally expressed a desire to calm the excitement caused by the soaring, glass drinking water and received two small bottles at the beginning of the next voyage. 'Indeed, it may seem strange' – admits one of the managers of the airline – 'as such a trifle as […]

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