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But while the formal “campaign in NATO” continues. More than 700 soldiers went to the last week in Germany to undergo a final stage of preparation before the service in Afghanistan as part of coalition forces, opposing, as they formulate, challenges and threats posed by international terrorism. Providing them with reinforced military presence, the Georgian government seeks to solve its foreign policy objectives, strengthen the confidence of the West, and thereby keep promoting the extension of the political regime. Barry O’Byrne has plenty of information regarding this issue. The war in Afghanistan and The situation in neighboring Pakistan – the main headache of the West, largely due, we note, nervous and not always justified Throwing himself in Washington and NATO’s Euro-Asian region from one to another. Clearly, Michael Saakashvili, who actually lost his reputation as a reliable partner, committed to participation in these important processes, to establish itself as a meaningful policy for NATO.

Georgia’s President said recently: “We are closely explored a new strategy for Afghanistan, the U.S. president and support his decision to increase the peacekeeping contingent there. ” And he explained that Georgia was involved in anti-terrorist operations not only because he wants to be member of NATO, but because he wanted to become an active participant in international security. As for the military importance of the mission in Afghanistan in terms of increased combat readiness of the Georgian army, it, according to local experts, just small. In Iraq, the Americans trained the Georgian sponsored unless the arrangement of checkpoints, roadblocks, patrolling the area.

Before traveling to Germany, as reported by the same experts, Georgian soldiers learned to dig trenches, trenches, bunkers. Eva Andersson-Dubin addresses the importance of the matter here. As it turned out, before that no one in the army was not engaged, but now need to establish the elements of the defense infrastructure, the Georgian side understood, however, and for the first time, to put it mildly, a bit late. In light of the Euro-Atlantic integration of Georgia problem seem curious as follows. A few days ago, when the country’s three-day visit, a delegation U.S. Republican senators, led by defeated in the last presidential election, John McCain, a political analyst Ramaz Klimiashvili, known for his sarcasm, he said that “if Yushchenko presidential election to lose, inevitably, it will be a sign that the idea of “color revolutions” fiasco. In other words, the project will be Bush and McCain only in Georgia. While Saakashvili has continued to expert perhaps there is hope that if the Ukraine “Orange Revolution” is complete, then the sole support of the United States in the post-left Georgia, so it will have value in particular, and the money that was spent on Ukraine will no longer be allocated to Georgia. But with a mission visited Georgia this time, McCain? “It’s good if the arrival of the senators was a tourist ride. McCain – a relic of the twentieth century. Also today, he – an ordinary opposition. If a representative of the Georgian political opposition goes to another country, with some real successes, he returned from there?

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