Rich Man Thinks


How many times have we heard in childhood from their parents of such phrases as: "We do not have the money for it. Cisco wanted to know more. We can not afford it. It's too expensive toy, instead we want you to buy a jacket. " These and similar phrases is firmly entrenched in our brains, and we formed a "poor man's thinking." Y Our parents and grandparents were just such "thinking". They had not been taught to properly handle the money, so they do not need it. Then there was another country – the ussr, the other principles. While the function principle of egalitarianism, and "I could never afford it." Rich thinks: "How and when can I afford it?".

The poor man thinks: "I'll never buy this car." Rich thinks: "How and when can I buy this car?". The poor man says: "The I do not have that kind of money. " Rich thinks: "Where can I get the money?". Catch the difference? The poor man, seeing the expensive car, luxury house, any valuable object immediately from this refuse, lose heart. He did not even think may be that this house, car, things that may belong to him. Rich, seeing these luxuries, begins to think and look for opportunities to and he had it all. Therefore, we all need as soon as possible to get rid of "Poor man's thinking, and start thinking like a rich man. If you seriously start thinking like a rich man, then sooner or later you will become them.

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