Sierra Nevada National Park


In 1986, UNESCO awarded the designation of biosphere reserve to the massif of Sierra Nevada, and in 1999 much of its territory was declared a National Park; and it is not for less. Its natural, cultural and scenic wealth made him one of the natural spaces of greatest interest in Spain. The Natural Park of Sierra Nevada is located between the provinces of Almeria and Granada. Despite being the last to join the network of Spanish national parks, it is the largest of these; providing more than 86,000 hectares. It also has summits highest in the Iberian Peninsula, Mulhacen has 3.489 meters of altitude and weather vane 3.398; a challenge for mountaineering enthusiasts staying in a rental apartments Sierra Nevada. In terms of fauna, the most characteristic animal is, without a doubt, the Spanish ibex. Although we can also find birds such as finches, Blackbirds or Eagles.

Reptiles as Ocellated lizards, ladder snakes or lizards colilargas, among others. And as no foxes, wild boars, genets or Wildcats; they are very easy to see walking through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The flora is also one of the attractions of the Sierra Nevada National Park. Its variety of vegetable formations, geomorphologic interest and spectacular nature constitute a natural heritage of incalculable value. With more than 2,000 different plant species; It represents a quarter of the species that make up the flora of Spain. Sure that the tourist who stay in Sierra Nevada apartments can enjoy the beauty of one of the endemic species most famous in the area, as it is the star of the snows. With regard to the cultural heritage, the Sierra del Sol as he was called in the middle ages, houses remains tartesos, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs. A multicultural range. They are many representations that can be found through these lands, although without doubt the most representative are sophisticated irrigation ditches and regatos collected the snowmelt from the mountains. Culture, flora, fauna ultimately; the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada is one of those landscapes to be visited at least once in life. You sign up?

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