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They are collective reproductions, established in practical the religious one. Complete Durkheim affirming that: The religion it is a thing in social eminent way. The religious reproductions are collective aspects that demonstrate collective realities; the rites are ways to act that they are born in the seio of the congregated groups and that they are reserved to excite, to conserve or to remake certain mental states of these groups. But then, if the classrooms are of religious origin, them need to share of the common nature to all the religious facts: they also need to be social things, products of the collective thought. (DURKHEIM, 1983, p.212) Expressions, sensible that they are of the fabric cultural and they offer indications of the impact of these changes in modernity and of the decurrent impossibilities of the difficulties of the States to guarantee the rationality and universality of the continued progress and its promises are the religion and the education. Clearly a standard is the fact of the more if the proper experience of the life develops the disposal of the technology to improve the life conditions more increases the threat.

still, the more if increases the process of secularizao and globalization, contradictorily, more if develop the dessacralizao of the present project of limitless progress that abstracts from values. The opposite of what it was diagnosised on the end of the religion, if it attends a revival of the religious boiling followed by a diversification of the practical ones, as well as, a recognition, for sciences human beings, of its importance as factor of social mutation, mainly for its capacity, always reconstructed, disaggregation and identification. The religion passes to be perceived as complex event floating between the secularizao and the dessecularizao, in saying of Stefano Martelli (1995). It is understood, according to exactly author, ' ' a religion perception as natural solution and complex form, that runs away to the identification with any religious institution or parts from the system social.' '.

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