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Fashion Trends


Follow the latest trends in fashion – it's not just women's privilege, unless of course you care what to wear. Men are more likely to admit the most unforgivable mistake of style. What is malice and laughter with by others. Give examples of the most striking errors in the selection of clothes. And this is […]

Wedding Dress


The most important event in the life of a woman, it’s a wedding celebration. Every girl wants to be at the wedding of the most beautiful and irresistible. And what is the most important detail of the wedding? This, of course, the bride’s dress. He is always pay attention and follow you into the limelight. […]

Roman Attire


After that, one way, often with lead-laden brush, dipped rounding out over your left shoulder forward so that it dragged on the floor. The rest of the folded fabric stretched on his back, hiding the body behind the shoulder to toe, the other end passed on the right arm forward, directed obliquely on the chest […]

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