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Study Film


Life is full of an endless number of elements, tastes, hobbies, work, studies, obligations, which make that life has a meaning and a direction to follow, but this must be certain knowledge or abilities, which are acquired in the process of the study, which will improve each time more in a field of action specific. […]

Spatzle Shaker – Made Spatzle On The Fly Itself!


With the new “spatzle” Shaker, make your own very leekeren Spatzle itself very quickly. Children make dumplings yourself is easy! Shake it! The “spatzle” shaker is the world novelty in the kitchen market. Easier and more convenient you have never made your dumplings. The shaker is designed for the preparation of two portions. You can […]

Japan Seafood


It should be noted that the history of the land to ancient history. Their homeland – South-East Asia. From there, the way sushi took over China, and later, together with the culture of rice has penetrated into Japan. The fish were placed in rows in kegs and filled with salty water. Within a few weeks […]

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