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East Or West …


This year is marked by the mass departure of Russian highly-paid foreign workers. During the crisis, sought to maintain the business expats to avoid paying them compensation. Now, when the position of the companies stabilized, the need to renegotiate labor contracts anymore. From the viewpoint of Russian legislation between the financier from London and a […]



During the crisis is not easy to find work, and especially student 5-year student and also my mother the minor child has not worked for 3 years After leaving the decree, I started looking for a job. Internet is replete with a huge number of proposals for work, but not the fact that you are […]

The Best Way To Decide


However, very often practiced open spase, ie open an office without walls, where they can run multiple dozens of people. Cons. 1.Brend company. The same brand can turn around and its negative side. Increasingly, recruiters are no longer paying much attention to the brand of the company. A 5-6 years of working in one company […]

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