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MPa Water


However, it must be borne in mind that the lifespan of tubes depends on the conditions operation. All polymer materials have approximately the same resistance to pressure and temperature to be calculated on the maximum operating temperature of up to 75oS for hot water and 90 C. for heating at pressures up to 0,6 MPa […]

Select Interior Doors


To date, the market is full of interior doors just different kinds of doors, of which there are both qualitative and rather low-quality doors. So how do you choose a really high-quality doors, which would meet your needs and meet your expectations? In this article we describe the main types of interior doors and try […]

Moscow Oil


Permanent components of oil paint are pigments and linseed oil, they can add more substance. Pigments diluted with different types of varnish, and then need to cover some or other surface a certain type of paint. Now, experts developed a special paint on concrete or metal. The service life of products with the paint more […]

Sectional Doors


This will provide a ready-made sectional doors from the warehouse rather than waiting for their manufacturing plant in Germany. In addition, the price will be pleasantly surprised compared with custom gates. Of course, when buying the finished product has some limitations. Standard proposed embossed "crimp" (horizontal stripes) and two colors, white (RAL 9016) and brown […]

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