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Paschal Javier Echalecu


It is the case of the anthology of stories (White Eduardo, Paschal Javier Echalecu and Javier Sagarna) with which the publishing house Three Yellow Roses inaugurates collection of this sort. Or Conversations with a friend, of Alberto Manguel; To write fiction, of Edith complete Wharton, and Stories, of Unamuno, that are some of the last […]

Madrid Photographer


Francesc knew Catal-Rock it clearly: ” The photographer always doubt: what angle is necessary to take, what diaphragm and what speed is necessary to choose, what film is necessary to prefer does not have to never doubt at the time of disparar”. This order coined one of more important the European documentary photographers of century […]

Valencian Community


The temperatures undergo a remarkable reduction. In some zones of the North plateau it will be an extraordinary bassoon. As of Thursday the temperatures will return to raise. This Wednesday that the temperatures undergo a remarkable reduction, locally extraordinary, in points of the North plateau, high Ebro and Aragon, according to the State Agency of […]

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