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Infantile Education


Ahead of this one searched deepened endorsement more in the theories on the infantile development, directing object of the research for the use of the game and the trick as pedagogical resources capable to raise the performance of the child of 04 and 05 years in the process education learning in the school of Infantile […]

It Is Hour To Add, Not To Divide!


She is not rare people to notice, in diverse segments of the life, that has people, either for personal interest, vanity, or to have the call ' ' fifteen minutes of fama' ' , that they act in the line of ' ' how much worse, better! ' ' We believe that this is serious, […]

Companies And Employees


The modern terminology, to call the companies as organizations and to call the employees collaborators, does not eliminate the fact of the institutions to continue, in principle, being the same ones, applying certain changes, to reach definitive platforms and to change some paradigms. The companies are entities that they aim at of a form or […]

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