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Mato Grosso


My expensive friend Priest, I go to it to confess my mseros sins, but please it does not condemn me before hearing me and it condemns nor me after also hearing me. I am a coitado poor person needing aid. Mine in case that, its priest, half is complicated and I do not know more […]

Engineering Problem


this is a problem that no engineer can fix. As well as it has as much hatred in the world. Since we evolve in such a way, in the culture, science and as much other things. However, in the elementary one, that it would be union of the peoples we irremediably are delayed and wing, […]



These children worked in subumanas conditions and received about fifty cents for kilo incinerado coal, each one produced in 12 working hours about 7 kilos, to the end of the day received three Reals on average and fifty cents, this when they did not make ' ' hour extra' ' arriving to work up to […]

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