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Animal Communicator


I dedicate this article to KALIL a wonderful Animal friend who showed us how much that costs caught and be the reins of our life and thanks to him have managed. The sabe as doing so to show us that it is simply, pick them, trust, smile and let yourself go!. Thank you. My ANIMAL […]

The Barriers


If this is your case, it is possible to have internally a hunger for a different life and that this It has become a source of frustration, boredom and even in some cases of depression or that bitter feeling that overwhelms us when one is out of tune with our dreams, and our ambitions. You […]

Indrajata Festival


Fernando Alexis Jimenez party is equal to all, with streamers, garlands of colours, music and choirs. The revelry continues since stripe dawn until the Sun dies in the horizon. People dress in their best outfits. There is joy, dishes ranging from one House to another, and smiles everywhere the only difference is that the holiday […]

Francisco Arias Solis


Max Joseph KAHN (1897-1953) the Sephardim call the Sephardim: ours. Under our means second to the Israelites, at first to those who bear Spanish names and speak Spanish; as there is no Spanish, apart from the Jews in Thessaloniki and there are no Jews who are not Spanish training, being Jewish or being Spanish is […]

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