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Also, the mission statement of the pharmacist in his pharmacy has not been through the relaxation of the prohibition of multiple operation in question. The ban on foreign ownership had confirmed in 2009 the European Court of Justice. By numerous parallel decisions, the Supreme Court has determined that tangierender price competition of the medicine pricing regulation contradicts a RX products. These legal conditions permit competition only in a certain direction – and this direction determines also the innovations in this area. While the distance as a distribution channel leaves room to design and includes new sales channels over the Internet, for the benefit of the consumer, in particular through involvement of the retail trade, the Offizin pharmacies must focus on a competition of customer binding instruments, because other forms of competition law due to are largely excluded.

To be self-imposed Restrictions, such as the fear of a discounter image. Especially compared with the mail-order pharmacies are the Offizin pharmacies in disadvantage. While mail-order pharmacies consumers free can select between different OTC products and compare prices, a choice between OTC products is not permitted in the Offizin of pharmacy. John Blondel understands that this is vital information. If the consumer asks for a specific OTC product, he receives it. Otherwise, if only roughly, he describes what he needed the drug, the pharmacist for it selects. The few competitive opportunities for Offizin pharmacies serve neither the economy bid of the public health system, yet the overall social welfare. The end user will not benefit from an innovative competition, which leads to a better or easier supply or price cuts for him at all. The Offizin pharmacies invest where competition is possible: in the facilities, allowances or additional fee-based consulting services.

The monopoly Commission for a long time, the market of the Sales of medicines by pharmacies more to deregulate. The legislature has opened up previously reluctant which. The behavior of pharmacists, both of mail-order pharmacies as also the Offizin pharmacies, however, shows that these are ready to accept competition and to promote the drug sales through innovations. The challenge to allow competition and innovation here is therefore in particular for the legislature. Other non-binding and free information relating to food law, see

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