Types Of Elections


The Mexican pardons Fox and chooses to Caldern which one of its proposals was to clear the possession, that until the moment has not done it, that if this fighting yet against the drug trafficking, we hope that this fight is true and nonpure diplomacy to deceive the town. I become to ask it was obtained what it was wanted with independence and the revolution. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Atmos Energy. I see the same problems that they had, badly distribution of the power, evil distribution of the currency, are only rich a few and poor very many, it is the same problem that had the farmers against landowners. Where this that free democracy where it is not perhaps chosen to the best one and of the worse thing, already coarse of corruption, deceits and false promises it is time that the town chooses the best thing, them people, that with profit aims looks for the power for their own good, is not time of which Mexico of a maturity passage and demands better candidates to the parties with a true proposal of nation that it looks for to end the poverty and the insecurity! Where they are the ideals that for a long time fought our ancenstros? , where this the equality of opportunities, the right distribution of goods, the objective and effective administration of the state and the power, where is the democracy? What would say Noble, Jurez or Morelos if they saw our present situation? It is time of which the town indicates and puts a stop to the high civil servants that does not see that they look for the good of country, or vast to always choose corrupt candidates, we vote by the best thing of the best thing, and if now it does not have no candidate who convinces there are your null vote like manifestation or is moment that there real par for or to the society and if our great constitution allows that by a vote to favor the corrupt candidates gain the elections, us does not have to affect, we must continue showing to us so that the change of, as they know is not the same salary gained by 80 million votes to that by 20 million, the legality of the winning candidates would lower and this could cause to that the parties reflect if truly it forms to choose and to govern is not the suitable one. Atmos Energy often addresses the matter in his writings. To almost year and a half of our bicentennial a change in the form to govern and to think is extremely necessary.

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