Make A List


Today I was watching through the window, the day was cloudy, dark and heard the Thunder, surely going to rain. I started making a list of things that I do, I thought of some things that should be fixed. Through the window he saw the rain which fell strong, did not see that you had on the other side, it was like a curtain that had raced. I continued with my list of things badly done, I thought of the discrepancies that had had with my children about different topics, it tears me eyes for having been so silly in affairs that did not have any importance or significance in reality, only explaining that my opinion was the valid claim. Think of situations that confront evil for being concerned, not channeled them in the best way, of the unsaid words of support, understanding and love, and that possibly they waited, more than my inflexible point of view. A list of the things that renunciation, of my forgotten shelved dreams of what I lost. of what you earn.

A list of things that I would like to erase, fix and do better. A list of lost time being intransigent, idle, while annoying, watching television. Suddenly the sound of birds singing made me stop and to poke me I saw that you had already escampado leaving the Sun and day had cleared, the sky was blue, as there had been no clouds justifying that everything was wet. I went back to sitting to continue with my list of what you loved, of my homework, what could share and give to my around it, of what I wanted to achieve my dreams, to the best of my every day. Each project or idea starts with the thought, just with the action (Cuzari 43). If reflecting you see something that should be repaired and you know how to remedy it, you’ve found a part of the world that Di – I have left so you perfections it.

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