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Thus, for a few seconds, the author it is left to surprise in scene. It is in this point that propagates its opinion being able on them public defining them as ‘ ‘ latecomers, trpegos and incapable to restore justice in the land, for satisfaction of cu.’ ‘ The implicit optics in the text conota prophecy not in the mstico direction, but because it is adjusted perfectly to any time when observes the dialectic between dominant/dominated. The impression that we have is that Axe wants to portray the climate politician of Brazil of the time of the abolition. However, according to Domcio Proena Son, literary critic, the ficcional workmanship of Axe of Assis is not configured as an explicit mirror of Brazil, but as ‘ ‘ fruit of what it thinks on the reality and not of what it observes of this realidade.’ ‘ 9. Of any form, the possibility of the implicit optics of the author is not discarded to guarantee permanence and the present time of the multissignificativos contents and to evidence certain characteristics of our psiquismo stops approaching in them to other human beings to perceive the equivalence of acts and facts to the long one or in any time. .

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