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2013 September Archive at Artieda 2011

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Francisco Arias Solis


Max Joseph KAHN (1897-1953) the Sephardim call the Sephardim: ours. Under our means second to the Israelites, at first to those who bear Spanish names and speak Spanish; as there is no Spanish, apart from the Jews in Thessaloniki and there are no Jews who are not Spanish training, being Jewish or being Spanish is the same. Maximum Jose Kahn, Thessaloniki, Sephardic. Hour of Spain. THE voice of one of the our strike say the Spanish exiles had their own politico-literarios newspapers. Literary magazine insula, magazine of Arts and Sciences, whose resident contributors in the Argentina included Max Joseph Kahn, leading hebraist, Sephardic who was correspondent for the Sun, collaborator of La Gaceta Literaria and Revista de Occidente, and, during the Spanish war, Spain time, consul in Thessaloniki of the Republic and, later, Charge d’affaires at the legation in Athens was, author of novels and essays during his exile. Maximum Jose Kahn Nussbaum was born in Frankfurt-Main, in 1897 and died in Buenos Aires in 1953.

His family had been punished by the first world war. He studied literature and philosophy. Being very young published stories in the German newspaper Berliner Tageblatt, while developing other work, electrical engineering, Commerce, cars, art. In 1920 he arrived in Spain and after a brief stay in Madrid, settled in Seville, where he married Trudis Blumenfed, daughter of a Sevillian Sephardic. In 1926 he moved with his wife to Toledo, where he lived in a mansion, for ten years. He acquired Spanish nationality and thereafter made his literary production in Spanish language.

He published his articles under the pseudonym of Medina Azara, in prestigious journals, La Gaceta Literaria and Revista de Occidente. In Madrid, attended the gathering of the farm of Henar, among whose tertuliano Azana, Valle-Inclan and Ortega y Gasset, were among others. In 1937 to be appointed consul in Thessaloniki left the Toledo city, which was investigating traces of Sefarad, a year later, was appointed Charge d’affaires at the legation in Athens.

Acquiring Good Habits


Throughout our life we see the inexorable passage of time and many of our desires seem to be going out of our hands, it is possible that we have struggled somewhat in the pursuit of our objectives, but the results are those who truly speak for us. The validity of a strategy always should be measured by its effectiveness, if we have made many attempts without good results means that we are not doing an efficient job, this can lead us to two difficult to accept conditions, on the one hand could spend too much time until we start to reap good fruits and in the worse one of the cases is to not get to the condition that we so crave. This is the time of autoevaluarnos and think if we are really satisfied with the life we have, changes are always positive to the extent that we benefit because that is the engine that drives us to what’s new, break out of the routine and challenge ourselves and know that Yes we are able to accomplish great things for our life. What factors might consider as determinants to enable our objectives meet is? It is necessary to begin with an idea that we are completely sure of wanting to perform, seems a fairly simple task but it is not, so that we get the feeling of security must assess all the circumstances involving this achievement, see the road, what are actions? and what so easy or difficult are undertaken?, how will these changes affect our way of life?, etc. As we can notice, the achievement of a goal has huge implications, say that we have the goal of weight loss, think of the desired situation is wonderful, the clothes well carved, see us more young and full of energy, approval, etc. But now think a little in the process, involves get rid of bad habits that are deeply rooted such as little healthy an eating and lack of exercise, to overcome this temptation of avoiding that negative habit us dominates is the real challenge, if we find how to overcome then successful doors open for us. Oby Ezekwesili may help you with your research.

The Abundance


And like that not to let it go? Thinks in the following: how many hours a day you spend: mad frustrated insecure criticizing feeling observed apprehensive demanding jealous stressed concerned cuidandote of those who think that they want you to defraud or hurt you auto pity you feeling lower sacrificing you by others feeling guilty blaming others spiteful envying what others have and you don’t all those feelings or reactions are synonymous with that you have the off switch and no are letting the abundance that otherwise would be normal in your life. It is not difficult to create material wealth, it is difficult to open the switch, because when we opened it, it immediately begins to flow the abundance. And because it is so difficult to open the switch? The majority of people have an untamed mind, leaving as a runaway horse is without direction and without a purpose is carried away by the social conscience and the problems of daily life devote much time and energy to think about the negative, we are addicted to pain and our problems, talk about what we lack, of what frightens usWhat we can do, what we have suffered, famine and policy problems, or the human suffering in the wars and so on. It is difficult to desconcentrarnos what you do not want to concentrate on what if we want to because so we were bred from small, our reaction to the problems of life is to give it turns and turns to what ails us and robs us happiness. The material abundance should be logical for the conditions of this beautiful planet, think again and you’ll see that nothing there is more logical that all nature is abundant. Just have to let it in, raise your vibrational frequencies to let it enter. There are several factors involved in this and need to study and practice to change a lifetime of habits and customs that our society has inherited us. It is important to learn new ways to use both your mental energy and the energy that lies to you around at this time. Receive the free E-book: the law of attraction how to make use of a law that governs your life for good or ill download it here: Original author and source of the article.

Fernando Llorente


They will continue negotiating the collective agreement. The meeting will take place at 10 a.m. at the headquarters of the LFP. League sources are almost impossible to avoid the hiatus. The League of professional football (LFP) and the Association of Spanish footballers (AFE) will meet next Wednesday 17 to continue negotiating the collective agreement, according to sources close to the LFP. The meeting, to be held at 10 a.m.

at the headquarters of the LFP in Madrid, has as a single point of the agenda forward in the negotiation of the Convention and try to bring postures so that is desconvocada the strike announced by the AFE for the first two days of League. The mentioned sources, however, pessimistic about the outcome of the meeting of Wednesday, have been since they consider that it is almost impossible to leave signed the Convention. In two or three hours, it is very difficult to be sign because many points to negotiate, they noted are. Two days of strike past day 11, the President of the AFE, Luis Rubiales, announced a strike for the first two days of the League 2011-2012, in the absence according to the LFP collective agreements. Rubiales announced the decision in the presence of more than one hundred players, among them the captain of the Spanish team, Iker Casillas, and international such as Carlos Puyol, Xabi Alonso, Fernando Llorente, Javi Martinez and Santi Cazorla, and Presidents of associations of players from other countries, including the World Trade Union (FIFPro), Leo Grosso. The players have come together and we’ve had enough already. We have taken the decision firm, unanimous and responsible for call strike for the first two days. The League will not begin until signing a new collective agreement, Rubiales said that day. The AFE Chairman indicated that strike does not mean that the Union will leave negotiating to try to reach an agreement on the Convention, even though the strike could prolong If disagreement persists. Source of the news: the LFP and the AFE is they meet on Wednesday to try to avert the strike of the League

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